Red Sox Celebrate Women in Baseball Month in May

women in baseball


When we think about women in baseball, one’s mind immediately goes to the film A League of Their Own. The movie tells the story of the World War II era when women played baseball while men were at war. Why they felt the need to cast Madonna, and even more troubling, why she took the part, the world will never know. Hey, it was the 1990’s! Still, the film gives a fairly accurate depiction of the historical events of the time.

Certainly those women paved the way for today’s women that work as sportscasters, and behind the scenes in ballparks across the country.  In Boston, there are plenty of women in the ballpark, most of whom are sitting in the stands. Many are pretty educated about the game. New England women tend to know a good deal about their regional sports teams. Thus, it seems appropriate that the Boston Red Sox devoted the month of May to celebrate women in baseball.  After all, May is the month that we celebrate the single most important female in our lives, the one who brought us into this world (and would not be afraid to take us out…Thanks Bill Cosby), our mothers.

Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, mom’s and their daughters had the once in a lifetime opportunity to run the bases at America’s most beloved ballpark. Other events, like seminars and social media giveaways, have been offered this month to women who love America’s pastime. Hopefully, the Baseball 101 seminar, which the Sox planned for later in the season, will reduce the number of “pink hats” in the stands.

Earlier in the month, the club partnered with area high school softball teams, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Hey, let’s hear it for all the gals!

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