Red Sox Draft Picks, Trey Ball and Teddy Stankiewicz

red sox draft picks

Trey Ball #7 Draft Pick Courtesy of

For weeks there have been questions about who the Red Sox draft picks will be in the #7 and #45 spots, which they hold. What does the organization need? How do they make these decisions, anyway? How does this affect current players at all levels in the Red Sox organization?  What a meaty topic. After all, who doesn’t love a little human trafficking to the tune of millions of dollars, while they enjoy their morning coffee and take in the early edition of Sports Center.

These draft spots will only improve a farm system that is already filled with talent. In the #7 spot, the Sox picked up a left-handed pitcher named Trey Ball. He is still in high school, and now the coolest kid in school. In the #45 spot, they drafted another pitcher, right-hander, Teddy Stankiewicz. I guess you cannot have enough pitching. It certainly has made the difference in the series versus the Texas Rangers, so I’m confident that the picks are good ones, though I know little about the players. Wonder where in the system they will start their careers with the Red Sox?

When questions, like those posed in this post, present themselves, I thank God that I just write about this stuff and I don’t have to negotiate for anyone. I typically give people what they want so I can avoid blood-pressure medication as I approach my mid-thirties. It is nice to know that I can just sit back on my couch, groan, and scratch my head with the rest of Red Sox Nation as the news unfolds.

Really, all this draft talk, for fans like us, is just that, talk. It is the equivalent of watching someone who participates in Fantasy Baseball or Football.  None of us have any control over how our friend may be managing their team, but boy do we hold many opinions about it.

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