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We always have something to worry about as Red Sox fans. We kind of thrive on it. Mike Napoli is the five million dollar man. After his recent start at 1st base and weeks of training he is looking good so far, emphasis on so far. Sox fans are worrywarts by nature. Like the Bud Light commercial, we fill our days with superstitions, statistics, and sportscaster analysis.  We can’t help but worry about Napoli’s chronic hip condition, avascular necrosis, a degenerative bone disorder in its early stages, and whether he acclimate well at first base. Fans hang on every word written and said, look at the salary reports, sigh, pray, and rub our lucky rabbit feet while hopping on one foot.

Fans could also look on the bright side and look at a player’s versatility. For Napoli that means having the ability to play both first base and catcher. He could even be a possible third baseman, because we know he can make the stretch from first to third. It seems the idiosyncrasies of each position will prove a welcome challenge for him based on his positive attitude during the locker room interviews after the March 1st game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He seemed happy, reporters were happy, so fans should be happy. Right?

No, the fan mind worries. Will Napoli’s hips hold up? Will he play first base? Would he ever catch for us? Is he still strong enough at 31 years old to make a positive impact on the ball club. There are lots of questions. Again, it is early. We look to Friday night’s positive outcome and are thrilled, yet wary.

What are you worried about?

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