Red Sox Infield Changes, Pedro Ciriaco Edition

red sox infield changes

Will Jose Iglesias face the same fate as Pedro Ciriaco?

I feel like I am a hick on a New York City street with everyone coming and going among the various Boston sports teams (Tim Tebow, really? What are we going to do with that?  I’m sure Coach B. has a plan. Hey, maybe Gronk can loosen Tebow up a bit and that will help. :: wink, wink; nudge, nudge ::) I digress.

Let’s stop the insanity for a second, and focus on the Red Sox infield. I am concerned about Jose Iglesias. Why? Because he may fall prey to the same fate as Pedro Ciriaco, who will most likely be traded in the coming days.  The circumstances are not the same, but having a guy play every few games kills consistency. John Farrell wants to play him every three games, or so, but that did not end well for Ciriaco. The key to consistent, strong performances is daily play. Ciriaco did pretty well last year. This year the Sox were like, “Where do we put him?” At which point he bounced around the infield like Bugs Bunny in that Looney Tunes short. It was just absurd, and a complete disservice to him as a player. Second, shortstop, and third, are wildly different positions even at the little league level, never mind the majors; again, consistency. The Sox just burnt Ciriaco out. To add insult to injury, Farrell is quoted today as saying, “I would think that there would be a lot of interest in him. He’s a good player,” regarding Ciriaco.  Why not a good player for us? Bobby V. was wrong about a lot of things, but I don’t think he made a mistake with Ciriaco.

In the final analysis, for the 2013 season, Ciriaco is a victim of circumstance. The decision should have been made earlier, though. Don’t abuse him for 60 games and give him his walking papers, John.

I pray this does not happen with Jose Iglesias. What do you think his fate will be?

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