Red Sox May Benefit from Being Bad

Rejoice, Red Sox fans. All is not lost after the Red Sox stood pat at the July 31st trade deadline. It is possible that being bad could benefit the Red Sox. At the moment, the Red Sox are in possession of the worst record in the American League, which means they get first priority on waivers. That means the Red Sox could get first crack on a guy like Sonny Gray, should he become available, or any other player they want to claim on waivers.

This is significant because if a top starter is put on trade waivers, the Red Sox Red Soxwould get exclusive rights to negotiate for the guy. It doesn’t guarantee that they’ll get a deal done, but it does mean even if they can’t make a deal, they can figure out what it would take to get him in the off-season. That would give them a head start on any trade targets on guys they want to go after later.

This might not make any difference, but if the Red Sox get an ace out of it, it would be a big win for 2016. Forget about 2015. Any moves they make with this will, and should be, geared towards winning in 2016. It’s just good to think that maybe, just maybe, something could be done after an extremely disappointing trade deadline in which the Red Sox accomplished nothing significant towards possibly making 2016 better.

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