Red Sox Mid-season Report Card

The first half of the season is now over, and it’s time to look at who has been impressive so far for the Red Sox, and who hasn’t been as impressive. Spoiler—a lot of the players fall under this category. It’s just been that kind of season for the Red Sox so far at 5 games under .500, and 6.5 games out of the AL East.

The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Red Sox closed out theRed Sox first half winning 10 of 15, so they could be poised to make a run. But, for now, back to the first half. Here are the guys who have been the most disappointing.

Rick Porcello: Given that Red Sox ownership gave Porcello a 4-year, $82 million contract at the start of the season, I expected a lot more than a 5-9 record and a 5.90 ERA from Porcello. He’s been pretty bad so far, especially giving up home runs (16, which is already up near his average of 17.6 since 2010). It’s been tough to watch him pitch this year, and he’s focused on just salvaging his season at the moment.

Grade: F

Mike Napoli: Despite briefly making a breakthrough in June, he is hitting .193 this season, resulting in a loss of playing time recently. I hate to see him in such a slump, but he has been slumping. I don’t know if he can turn this around, but I would love to see him do it. If he can’t, he may be looking at a trade or being designated for assignment.

Grade: D-

Pablo Sandoval: He hasn’t been terrible at the plate, but, with a .265 average and 7 home runs, you expect a lot more from a guy the Red Sox gave nearly $100 million to in the off-season. Plus, he’s committed 10 errors so far, while he committed 11 all of last season. Like Porcello, I expected a lot more from a guy the Red Sox gave a big contract.

Grade – D

Most Impressive:

Dustin Pedroia: Dustin was on a hot streak before he went down with an injury (.350 in June), and playing the game like he always does – with grit and determination. I fully expect him to come back and not miss a beat.

Grade: B+

Xander Bogaerts: This guy should have been an All Star, plain and simple. He hit .312 in the month of June, and .304 overall. He has finally come into his own after struggling mightily last year, which should continue after the All Star Break.

Grade: A

Brock Holt: The guy that did make All Star team for the Red Sox, his versatility has always impressed me. He can play just about every position, and he can also swing the bat pretty well. One of the (few) highlights of this season was the game Brock Holt hit for the cycle.

Grade: A-

Those are the guys that have stood out for me as the most disappointing, and the most impressive. It was much harder to pick out a few who stood out as the most disappointing, because this whole season has generally been pretty disappointing, minus the past couple of weeks. Hopefully that changes, and the team can get their stuff together in the last couple of months. I hope the Red Sox at least make a push towards winning a weak AL East division, but my hopes aren’t too high.

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