Red Sox In Need Of All-Star Break

This season has been anything but good for the Boston Red Sox.  At this point in the year, the Sox have a record of 27-37 (as of Tuesday 6/16), and are currently the only team in the American League East who has a losing record.  Loyal Sox fans are still somewhat optimistic, but that optimism is quickly starting to go away.  And with just 25 more games until the team gets four days off for the All-Star break, this may be just what the team needs.

One of the toughest parts to the Major League season for a team that is playing terrible isRed Sox the fact that there is very little time off.  In any of the other major sports, if a team has a bad game, or stretch of games, they’ll usually have at least a day or two to regain some confidence and clear their heads, but not in baseball.  In baseball, teams will typically only get one or two days off a month.  With the way the Red Sox have been playing, they will need more than just a day or two off though.

Right now, the Sox are on a six game losing streak.  The team has been swept in back-to-back series by the Blue Jays and Orioles, two division rivals.  To make it even worse, this losing streak comes right after the team had just completed it’s first sweep of the season, and was actually starting to show some confidence.  But they’re now back to their losing ways.

There was, and still is somewhat, one positive part to this season, and that is Eduardo Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is the rookie left-handed starting pitcher who came out of the gates on fire.  Entering his last start, he had an ERA of 0.44, and had one of the best debuts by a rookie in team history.  But it seems like reality checked in during his last start against the Blue Jays where he lasted only 4 2/3 innings, allowing nine runs on eight hits in a 13-5 loss.  As a Red Sox fan, let’s hope that this was just one bad game that he will snap out of soon.

Rodriguez now has a record of 2-1, he is the only Sox starter with a winning record.  Wade Miley leads the team with five wins, but that is not a lot for a team at this point in the season.  The Sox bats aren’t looking any better either.  Dustin Pedroia stands as the only player hitting over .300 on the season.  These two things put together can only be a recipe for losing.

Now let’s try to look at things more positive.  There is still many more games to be played, and any sports fan knows that anything can happen in sports.  But with how things are looking now, the Sox need to turn things around soon.  The Sox finish the first half of the season with a three game series against the Yankees at Fenway Park.  I’d say they need to take at least two of these games to build some type of momentum and confidence going into the All-Star break, or this may end up being one of the worst seasons in Red Sox history.

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