Red Sox Offensive Scaring American League

What is happening in Boston? Mother’s Day weekend seemed to trigger a new start for the Boston Red Sox as they have scored multiple runs in the first inning in 16 out of 38 games this season while Jackie Bradley Jr. extended his hitting streak to 21 games as of May 17th. Meanwhile, David Ortiz is playing like he’s fifteen years younger, the pitching staff is starting to find a stride, and Demitri, the operator of The Sausage Guy on Lansdowne Avenue, has been catching more home runs balls than either of the bullpensRed Sox offensive scaring in the outfield. And defense? You’d have a better chance of throwing a pork chop past a wolf than trying to hit a single to either center or right field. No sir, not with Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts out here. It’s as if their gloves have magnetic powers! With all this action taking place at Fenway, it’s been fun watching the Red Sox offensive scaring other teams in the American League.

Many are looking at the current Red Sox and saying they remind them of the 2013 World Series championship team. David Ortiz and Dustin Peoria were on that team, and have posted nothing less than stellar numbers so far this season. But what I find interesting is that Jackie Bradley Jr., Brock Holt, and and Xander Bogaerts also saw action that season though none of them played in more than 37 games that season and hit a combined .214, hardly a drop in the bucket when compared to the skill of the rest of the team.

What I think you’re seeing now is a well-groomed group of players led by David Ortiz, who they are rallying around as a proper send off as he retires at the end of the season. The fact that there are still players on the 2013 that played in the series, whether they were rookies or seasoned veterans, also contributes to their success this season because they already know what the formula for winning looks like. They’re combining their experience, they’re communicating with each other well, and they’re even having fun on and off the field (Look at Jackie Bradley Jr.’s interview on MLB Spotlight where a shirtless Hanley Ramiez playfully appears behind a laughing Bradley Jr.).

This season’s Red Sox team is finding that stride again, that groove so essential to winning. Let’s hope they can keep it together and continue to play as hard as they are. After all, there’s nothing more fun than seeing the Red Sox offensive scaring opposing pitchers and teams alike.

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