Red Sox Play Purest Form of Baseball vs. Padres

purest form of baseball

These sandlot kids play pure ball, the National League way. Courtesy

Some consider the National League (NL) to be the purest form of baseball. Tonight, the Red Sox play the San Diego Padres, a National League team. The pitchers are part of the lineup in the National League. Since the Padres are in American League (AL) territory, they play the American League way; our way. No pitchers will bat.

I find it important that the Red Sox play teams in the National League. The National League formula is, in a word, innocent. It makes us all nostalgic for the game we played, years ago, in sandlots and Little League. Everyone hits and everyone bats. There is no need to manipulate the lineup with a Designated Hitter, or pitching changes that slow the game down. In the NL, the game is played as it was meant to be played.

That said, I do like American League ball. I think the DH adds something special to the lineup; that player, whether David Ortiz, or others, can make or break games. We saw that to be true in both the 2004 and 2007 World Series wins.

Interleague play shakes things up and gets the players out of their comfort zones. I am sure coaches and players have to study more tape and stats before these interleague games. They simply do not know their opponents that well. Ultimately, it prepares the teams for World Series play. And, as we all know it is never too early to prepare for October baseball.

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