Red Sox Players Welcome Opportunity, Others Don’t

red sox players take opportunity

 “When opportunity knocks, open the door.” Many Red Sox players welcome opportunity’s call, while others remain oblivious to the sound.

Now, I realize I write about this theme often, but the saying still rings true though the circumstances may be different.

It is sad to see key players like Will Middlebrooks, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Shane Victorino sidelined by injury. It is heartening to watch players whether up from Pawtucket, like Jose Iglesias, or already stationed in Boston like Daniel Nava, open opportunity’s door.

Iglesias has adapted well to third base. The angles are different than the shortstop position; the balls that grace the foul line are awkward to negotiate. The throw to first is further away, too. But I had no doubt in his defense. I do not think anyone did. The question for all of us was whether he could hit the ball further, and get on base. It seems the long-ball question is no longer on the table for Iglesias. He did hit his second major league homer on Sunday, and that’s great. But who cares about home runs, when we just need a well-placed (yes, preferably deep) ball. That is something Iggy can do, while guys like Mike Carp and Jonny Gomes cannot, or will not, hit at all. Leave the bombs to David Ortiz.

Daniel Nava going deep. Courtesy of

Daniel Nava going deep. Courtesy of

Like Ortiz, Nava has hit some long balls, proving himself a strong offensive presence for the Red Sox. With Ellsbury out, Nava held the coveted top spot in the batting order during the series against the Yankees. He proved to be a great leadoff man, setting the tone for Saturday’s steamrolling offense. Inspired, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mike Napoli, also answered opportunity’s knock.

We are fortunate to have players opening the door, but there are quite a few that are hard of hearing. I don’t know what is going on with Stephen Drew, Mike Carp, or Jonny Gomes. Gomes is not even playing. This beast of a man would struggle with t-ball right now. Management is forced to keep Carp on the roster.  I know I kvetch and moan about this guy a lot, but Carp is like a light switch, he is either on or off. Drew struggles with the same disease. Maybe they both need to take some Metamucil for their irregularity.  If that doesn’t work, maybe they should go take in a game in Pawtucket to watch Bryce Brentz and Brandon Snyder. That could be the wake-up call they need. Be scared Carp, Drew, and Gomes, those boys are coming for you.

The performers are performing, while they drag three men behind them, to stay atop the AL East.

Opportunity never scares the opportunists.

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