Red Sox sign Andres Torres

Andres Torres

Earlier today, the Red Sox signed veteran outfielder Andres Torres to a minor league deal. The 36 year old has been in baseball since 2002, but never really landed a starting job until his breakout season in 2010 with the Giants. Torres posted a 5.3 WAR by putting up 16 home runs, an .823 OPS, and 26 stolen bases. However, since then, he hasn’t came close to replicating those numbers.

Torres isn’t exactly the outfield acquisition Red Sox fans were hoping to see and doesn’t really add anything that the Sox outfield doesn’t already have. Torres is a switch-hitter with aging speed that has spent much of his career in the minor leagues. Torres has logged over a thousand games in the minors and only 650 in the majors. Will he be seeing any major league action with the Red Sox?

If Torres can show anything in the minors, it it possible that Grady Sizemore’s days with the team would be over. Sizemore hasn’t had any injury problems, but is playing more like he was in 2010 and 2011 than he was in 2006. His .618 OPS is very low for an everyday player, so it ┬ámay just be a matter of time before he is let go. With Brock Holt in the outfield now, adding another platoon type player like Torres doesn’t make much sense.

Will Sox fans even realize Torres was a part of the organization? Maybe not. Not many people remember that the Sox once signed Juan Gonzalez to a minor league contract either. At the very least, it appears Red Sox management is somewhat acknowledging that their outfield is in some trouble

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