Red Sox Starting Pitchers We Got, Offense, Closer Needed

red sox starting pitchers

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The Red Sox starting pitchers are in decent shape, what needs work is the offense. I cannot tell you how many times I see some of our top sluggers swing at pitches that are clearly balls. Papi, Pedroia, and sometimes Napoli… I am looking at you! If you have to nearly throw your back out reaching across the plate to hit the ball, it is probably not worth swinging at to begin with. This type of wild swinging takes place later in games, and smacks of desperation. The Red Sox offense needs to hit early and often, so the team can get into a rhythm of good pitch selection and good contact with the ball.

Now that I have single-handedly solved the offense problem, ::slyly blows on knuckles and brushes them on shirt::, let’s turn to another weakness— the Bullpen. The closer, or closers, have not been strong enough, which is why I continue to advocate that the Sox trade, or pick up, a closer. Andrew, “The Yeti” (as I like to call him) Miller is down with a twisted ankle.  Koji Uehara can sometimes get it done, other times, not so much. The same seems true for Bailey, Wilson, Aceves, and whomever we bring up from Pawtucket this week. Who is the guy to close out our games? Have we tried Steven Wright, and if so, why not? Wright was named International Pitcher of the Week. I think we should bring Wright up to the bullpen, to mix things up in the later innings. Other sources feel Rubby De La Rosa would be a good person for that bullpen position, but I just think he is more of the same. The other teams are expecting that kind of pitching move. The last thing the Sox should want to be right now is predictable. Let’s keep everyone guessing.

Yes, there has been a lot of movement in that position, just no curveballs (pun very much intended!)

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