Red Sox Swept in Inaugural London Series Against Yankees

The New York Yankees swept the Boston Red Sox in the inaugural London Series opener on June 29-30th at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in London, England. While the Red Sox took the lead in both games, the team’s lackluster bullpen saw to it that the New York Yankees swept the Boston Red Sox in the inaugural London Series. Seeing the Red Sox swept in another country not only adds to Red Sox Nation’s disappointment, but also makes one wonder if the team will make it to the playoffs in the fall.

Red Sox Swept Before Crowd Made Up of Sox Fans

As one would expect, the series itself did not shy away from pomp and sox swept Each game’s pre-game ceremonies included fireworks, live music, and ostentatious starting lineup announcements (with fire-breathing machines “announcing” the entrance of each player running onto the field). Both games started with the American National Anthem, as well as the British National Anthem complete with oversized flags of each country rolled out by Her Majesty’s royal military. What followed the opening ceremonies though was nothing short of American.

Organizers of the event pulled out all the stops for the series. Ushers had copies of the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to ensure they knew how to sing along, and teach other non-Americans how as well. Multiple announcements were made instructing the crowd that they could keep foul balls (In cricket matches the fans supposedly have to throw the ball back, as rules dictate that the same ball must be used for the entire game). It didn’t seem necessary though, as many of the fans that I met had come from the United States for the games; most were Red Sox fans.

As someone who attended the games, I loved that the stadium organist played tunes such as “Charge!” as well as a flawless rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Major League Baseball clearly worked very hard to ensure that the English got a healthy dose of American baseball and the ones I talked to seemed to enjoy it!

Vendors offered a wide range of different food options, including hot dogs, sausages, popcorn, and  ice cream. There were so many different types of beer that I lost count. In true modern ballpark fashion, prices for a t-shirt, pins, and hats were astronomical once you figured the exchange rate from pounds to dollars.

Fans could have almost anything they wanted. If they were a Red Sox fan though, victory was the one thing they couldn’t buy.

Red Sox Swept By a More Dominant Team

I’ll spare you the details, as explaining the play-by-play of how the Red Sox blew leads in both games would take more words than the 900 allotted. Their performance, however, proved that no matter where they are, or what city/country they travel to, their bullpen headaches will follow. Seeing the Red Sox swept in another country adds to Red Sox Nation’s disappointment. It also makes one wonder if the team will make it to the playoffs in the fall. Additionally, while it’s hard to admit, the Yankees were the better team. They were more focused, they knew how to handle the Sox’s pitching, and they exploited weaknesses.

Will the Red Sox come from behind and overcome the Yankees by fall? I don’t think so. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

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