Red Sox To Prepare for the Playoffs, Starting Rotation Questions Loom

red sox to prepare for the playoffs

Yay! Hooray! We won the American League East. The team have better had their fill of celebration Friday night, because it is time for the Red Sox to prepare for the playoffs.  I am sure some thoughts on a strategy for the playoffs began on Friday night for John Farrell. He put some players in different positions Saturday, trying this and tweaking that. You never know if do not try. Next week I am confident there will be more players at different positions, so we can put our best foot forward against our first opponent in the post-season.

We have four solid starting pitchers in the starting rotation, Clay Buchholz, John Lackey, Jon Lester, and Jake Peavy. Farrell and I seem to agree that Felix Doubront and Ryan Dempster do not make the magic happen for the team, so to the bullpen they go. Number five?

One thought would be to have one of the four stronger pitchers at the end of the rotation. Let’s say Lackey moves to #4 spot, and place possibly a Steven Wright in the second place slot. This way when the team makes the turn to the first man in the rotation, either Lester or Buchholz, we have an important game won before moving on to the next game that could clinch a tight series.

Ultimately, fans want to be confident that these four men can lead us to victory.  I realize there is more to the pitching picture than just the four-rotation. For instance, there is the bullpen and the offensive line up to consider. Both are do or die. It is all about putting our best foot forward. Feet are important, as they are the foundation upon which the rest of the Red Sox body rests.

What do you see happening to the state of pitching in the post season?

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