Red Sox Trade Rumors: Sonny Gray

The Red Sox finished up the first half of the season on a 10-5 run, and could be a couple of pieces away from being contenders for at least a Wild Card spot. The main area of concern right now is the pitching, which became more of a dire need after Clay Buchholz went down with an injury. Clay Buchholz was pitching well before said injury, but he was also pitching well before his injury in 2013. He came back from that and hasn’t looked like the same guy until this season.

Aside from Cole Hamels, who has been talked about for months now ad nauseam, Sonny Grayanother possible move could be Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics. While the Red Sox have yet to decide if they’ll buy or sell this season, I think they’re poised pretty well to be buyers, especially if they come back and pick up where they left off before the All Star Break.

As MassLive points out, and I agree with this, the price for Gray might be high – he has a 2.04 ERA, and 108 strikeouts to 30 walks this season. The A’s are currently 8.5 games back in a very tough AL West division, so they may look to do what the Red Sox did at the trade deadline last year and sell off their best guys to get some young players in return. If that’s the case, the Red Sox make for prime targets, as they have one of the best farm systems in the league.

Will the Red Sox actually pull together a package for Gray? I hope so. If it came down to it, I’d rather have Sonny Gray over Cole Hamels if the Red Sox do make a move for a pitcher – he’s got the stuff to succeed here and he’s only 25, so he’s still hitting his prime, which is a scary thought. Cole Hamels would be a win today type of move, while Gray would make an immediate impact this year and beyond. What do they have to lose?

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