Red Sox Trade Selection Wrap-Up

red sox trade selection

Former Chicago White Sox player, Jake Peavy
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I am certainly not thrilled with the results of the Red Sox trade selection.  We trade away Jose Iglesias for Pitcher, Jake Peavy? Based on Peavys’ numbers he runs hot and cold. The ERA is not high enough for us to warrant losing Iglesias, in my opinion. This then begs the question will the Sox use him as a reliever or part of the five-man rotation. From the Tweets on Twitter, he will go into the five-man rotation. The Sox certainly will make some adjustments as he moves and sees what he can add to the franchise. Still, I feel like I am missing something regarding Peavy. What does the front office see in him that I don’t? I can only assume that Peavy is versatile; perhaps, he could be part of the bullpen if he can’t hack it in the starting rotation. There is a fallback position for him.

As for Jose Iglesias, I am sure he will go on to great things for the Tigers. It is unfortunate the Sox did not allow him to grow even further as a major league player in Boston. I think they will regret trading him away.  Losing Iglesias is one of the last options I wanted to see exercised as he is a favorite player of mine. Statistically, at the plate, the decision makers must believe that Will Middlebrooks can deliver offensively. Unfortunately, I do not know that any one has seen this to be true even though he has made some progress in Pawtucket.

I am glad that additional players did not get traded away. The Sox seem happy with whom they have in place. Decisions were conservative because the Sox will continue to pull up players from a strong farm system, and of course, we must keep our eyes on the waiver wire. The team will need to take a long look at maintaining strong defense in the infield corner positions. I don’t think the team has what they need in the third and shortstop position, especially with the left field corner as an exploitable liability.

Well, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly post-trade deadline.

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