Red Sox vs. Orioles: What’s the Problem?

Red Sox vs. Orioles

Look at that bird. He’s got crazy eyes! Courtesy of

Red Sox vs. Orioles: problem. Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays: no problem. What’s the Red Sox’s glitch with the Baltimore Orioles? Are members of the O’s juicing or are they just that good?  Something doesn’t add up. Those birds are just “for the birds” as my grandmother would say. They have definitely proven to be a chink in the Red Sox armor.

We all saw the Red Sox play two games yesterday, probably over 6-8 hours of baseball, and win both games. Alfredo Aceves allowed only one run in game one against the Tampa Bay Rays despite the violent thunderstorm that came through town yesterday. Even the weather seemed to be saying, “Why couldn’t you guys do this on Sunday?” Then, in game two, as if struck by lightning, Jonny Gomes hits a first-pitch, walk-off, 2 run homer. Thanks, it’s about time you found the ball Gomesy! Alright! No, seriously, Gomes’ seems to have been working his way out of his slump over the course of the last few games. Got to give credit where credit is due, and all.

Red Sox vs. Orioles

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It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Tuesday. What happened against the Orioles? Why can’t this happen against them? I am truly baffled. I want answers. We can blame our players, but I just don’t feel like that is the issue. The Sox played ‘their game’ Sunday just like they played the double-header on Tuesday.

I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

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