Red Sox vs. Rangers Review


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The Boston Red Sox spent the Cinco de Mayo weekend getting swept by the Rangers in Arlington. Here are my takeaways from the series.

1. If the Red Sox want to be the best then the Red Sox have to beat the best. Boston continued its hot start with eight wins over their last ten games going into the Texas series. However it should be noted that those eight wins came against the Athletics, Blue Jays, and Astros. Oakland has an “okay” ball club, but Toronto and Houston are both perennial cellar dwellers. The Rangers were the first real test for the Sox this season. Test failed. Lucky for us though, another poor team, Minnesota, will take the field at Fenway tonight against our ace, Clay Buchholz.

2. What happened to stringing hits together? The Red Sox were one of the last teams in the MLB to record a team home run this year. They were winning their first games by stringing hits together, working pitchers with walks, and caring more about on base percentage then home runs and RBI’s. However the Red Sox had very few clutch hits and many men left on base over the weekend, and three of the four runs scored all series came via a HR. If the Sox want to get back to their winning ways, they must return to their “patient at the plate” ways.

3. I don’t think Clayton Mortensen is very good. It seems that Farrell likes to use Mortensen because he gets a lot of runs compared to other relief pitchers. On Sunday he gave up 2 singles, a walk, and a wild pitch which all culminated in the Red Sox losing in the ninth inning. In 14.1 IP this year he has a 4.40 ERA. Yeah that is a little high for my liking. He’s given up at least one walk in his last three appearances, a cardinal sin for relief pitchers, and he sports a 0-2 record on the year. However it is still May and he could just be settling in, but the clock is ticking on Clayton Mortensen.

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