Red Sox’s Mike Carp and Jonny Gomes Shine

Red Sox's Mike Carp and Jonny Gomes

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It takes a big woman to admit that she is wrong. And I was.

I was terribly wrong about the Red Sox’s Mike Carp and Jonny Gomes. Others felt the same way, which made me more confident that I was right about these two guys. Before the season even started no one was hot on them. I had a colleague say, “Who’s going to play left, Jonny Gomes, or Mike Carp?” with a sneer on his face. The facts were hard to ignore, too.   Batting averages were well, average. The performance on the field ran hot and cold. And do we even need to get into Gomes’ weird red beard that screams Yosemite Sam? Carp and Gomes were best described as one step from greatness. Now, they are great, especially in a pinch.

In the last few games, specifically Wednesday, July 3rd’s game, Gomes and Carp were afire. Carp at first base. Initially I thought, “Oh no.” He made some plays, though. He played a pretty solid first base making a catch right in front of the dugout. He continued to play strong defense at first on Wednesday, keeping players from advancing. Carp can do the work there while Mike Napoli gets the rest days he may need. No one should be whining about Nap getting some rest days, since that was on the table at the very beginning of the season. Please, shut up about it. Mike Napoli is an outstanding player, but we all know the truth about his hip situation, so let’s not try and rewrite history, whining and moaning about his not being on the bag every night. This is another case of selective amnesia in Boston. It must be the heat.

red sox's mike carp and jonny gomes

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But Gomes, Yosemite Gomes, you made the game Wednesday night with both guns blazing. Staring down the barrel of a 2-2 count, you swung and got the fireworks started on Independence Day Eve over the Green Monster. On the Fourth of July, he continued to produce in the seventh inning and raised his batting average to the mid .300s.  Defensively, he has proven himself strong in left field. He made a solid catch in the 3rd inning displaying his reliability.

My colleague’s comment in April snuffed out with one swing of the bat.

“That is a walk off home run for Jonny Gomes.” There is a sentence no one ever thought they would here Don Orsillo say at the beginning of the season.

We were wrong about you.

Yosemite prove yourself right every night, as we approach the All-Star break. I know I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

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