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Who wants a free-agent-to-be catcher that doesn’t hit or field well?
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From tuning into all of the games and watching Jarrod Saltalamacchia at bat so far this season, I have only been impressed. Only maybe I don’t know the game as good as I should, or maybe I am blind to see the writing between the lines when it comes to what to look for in a star player. In any case, rumor has it, Jarrod is not playing the way the organization would like him to.  This leaves room for debate on whether he should be traded after the 2013 season or not. After all, he is a free agent when the 2013 season ends and his performance at present isn’t cutting it with the 4.5 million dollar contract he has signed on to.  Ben Cherington, before the offseason even began, emphasized (rumor has it) he wanted Salty out, but who would replace him? Ryan Lavarnway? The 25 year old up and coming star athlete has a lot to improve, but with a .172 BA who has thrown out 13% of runners on base in his 63 MLB game career, in the past two years, is a candidate for the Boston Red Sox in 2014.  There is also David Ross, but his age may catch up with his performance. At 36 how much more can Ross put out behind the plate?  Although he has an .818 OPS and has thrown out 30% of runners on base in the past nine games, would he be a good candidate to replace Salty full time? Again, this is just a rumor as of right now, but one worth investigating.

It would be a hard hit for me if Salty left the Boston Red Sox.  I know his stats prove otherwise – in twenty games he is hitting .232 with three homeruns, eight RBI’s, and twenty seven strike outs, in only sixty-nine at bats. As a catcher, defensively, he struggles too, with or without the umpire being in the way. So far he has allowed twelve stolen bases without throwing out any of the runners.

The game was a grave disappointment Saturday night as the Sox took on the Texas Rangers, and Salty was of no assistance offensively.  In his three at-bats he fanned twice, once leaving two men on base, and hit a double line drive to right field.

The question stands, is this truly a rumor or will we be seeing a new starting catcher as 2014 draws near?

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