Rusney Castillo On The Fast Track To MLB

rusney castilloAn interesting story came out Wednesday night involving the Boston Red Sox. According to Tim Britton of the Providence Journal, Rusney Castillo will be making his MLB debut this year for sure. It was widely speculated at first, but now there is solid evidence the front office agrees with the fans.

Despite limited time in the Boston Red Sox organization, with limited results, Rusney Castillo is already a household name for fans everywhere. The Cuban defector earned the largest contract ever for his circumstances and hopes could not be higher for him.
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Hopes may be high for the nearly 27-year-old outfielder, but he lacks experience in professional baseball. He played in just two games for the GCL Red Sox before moving up to AA, which is a better fit for Castillo right now who looks to get his timing back against advanced pitching.

In three games he has gathered two hits in eight at-bats while drawing a walk and stealing a bag. More steals will come for Castillo in time as he looks to get his timing down on the base paths as well. He has the speed to swipe bags, but got picked off after a late attempt in one GCL game. Little things like that will take some adjusting, but the talent is there.
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Castillo will continue to compete in the Red Sox organization, climbing the organizational ladder one step at a time. Although he is a lock to get a September call-up, he will likely compete more in AA Portland and AAA Pawtucket before hand to help him get ready for big league action.

Although he has only played in three pro games in America, Castillo is already projected by many to start for the Boston Red Sox in center field next year. Projections are tough for a relatively unknown player, so it will be interesting to see what type of player he becomes.
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Plate discipline will be key to look out for. His walks to strikeouts ratio is key to his success because, unlike Yoenis Cespedes, he lacks the ability to pop 30 home runs a season. When a player lacks power, people tend to judge them more harshly because they have a harder time making game-changing plays.

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