Rusney Castillo Making Headway

Rusney CastilloRusney Castillo is going to be paid $72.5 million over the next six seasons, but he still has a long way to go to prove that he deserves that long-term contract.

Since being called up on September 17th, the 27-year-old has had one hit in every game while playing center field in four out of five contests. The .250 average isn’t daunting, but it is a step in the right direction. He got his first major league hit out of the way in just his second at-bat as he reached on an infield single to second while at PNC Park.

Now, all these hits have been singles, but he has shown that he has the patience to be a big league player with just two strikeouts in four games. Sure, the zero walks is concerning, but those will come once he gets used to the strike zone in the U.S. With only one week left in the regular season, Castillo needs to be poised and ready to play some ball at the Arizona Fall League.

The Cuban defector has shown some ability on the defensive side of the ball as well. He has made a couple nice reads and diving plays in the outfield at times while also throwing a guy out at home on a single right up the middle. He might not have the speed/glove of Jackie Bradley Jr., but he makes up that difference with his athletic build and abilities.

So far, Castillo has shown that he has potential, but he needs to get his feet more wet in baseball activities to really show what he can do for the Red Sox in the coming seasons.

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