Shane Victorino Will Always Have a Place in the Hearts of Philly Fans

Shane Victorino

Former Philadelphia Phillies and current Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino (18) receives a standing ovation as he is honored during the fourth inning at Citizens Bank Park. Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Shane Victorino received a standing ovation last night, as the fans cheered him on in the Red Sox dugout during the fourth inning at Citizens Bank Park, in South Philadelphia.  Why? Because no matter if he is on the Phillies or on the Red Sox he still remains in the hearts of many Philly fans. He and his wife, Melissa have placed a mark in the community as they generously donated $1 million to reconstruct a once dilapidated Boys and Girls Club in Nicetown, Philadelphia, in 2010. His charitable nature and laid back “Flyin Hawaiian” demeanor have instilled hope and pride in areas where opportunity is minuscule.

Shane and his wife Melissa have done wonders for the city of Philadelphia as well as for those in Hawaii.  Nicknamed, the “Flyin’ Hawaiian”, Shane has brought positive change to many underprivileged youth as he has provided them with opportunities to enhance their skills in leadership, art, fitness and education.  With his “Flyin Hawaiian All-Star Tribute”, and the Shane Victorino Foundation, in support of the Boys and Girls Club, in Nicetown, Shane has earned the respect of many Philly fans, and his ovation last night proved just that.

Despite Shane’s being on the DL for a sore back, it did not deter him from attending the game; for his love for his fans is mutual. There were no hard feelings when he left the Phillies to play for the Sox. In fact, his appearance at the ballpark last night was proof he too remains in the heart and soul of Philadelphia.  As he walked out of the dugout in the fourth inning he proudly waved his Sox cap and smiled with gratitude. What a moment!

The question remains, why can’t Boston fans be so grateful and understanding toward our once beloved reliever, Jonathon Papelbon?

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