Some Players Not Contributing to Red Sox Offense

red sox offense

Jonny, how about you spend less time on your hair and more time swinging a bat? Courtesy of

Here are a few things that bug me about the Red Sox offense despite its recent resurgence.

First on the offensive hit list (pardon the pun) is Mike Carp. Carp, please pick a lane, and pick the right one. For the sake of the Red Sox, please pick the lane where you score runs and don’t live up to the dead version of your last name. The last time I wrote about you, a carp fishing organization followed me on Twitter. I found it oddly appropriate. One day you produce no runs. The next two days you put together an outstanding offensive performance. Be consistent. Pick a lane. All this swerving back and forth will get you cited for reckless driving—or worse, optioned down to triple-A.

Stephen Drew. ‘Nuff said. He puts the world to sleep when he speaks to the media and when holding a bat. He has been hitless for his last 17 at-bats due to injury. The man is like Samuel L. Jackson’s character “Mr. Glass” in Unbreakable. Thankfully, they brought back up the talented Jose Iglesias from Pawtucket for the May 24th game. Offensively, Iggy still can’t hit the long ball, but he does get on base. He does hit.

Finally, Jonny Gomes wasn’t even in the lineup the other night against the Phillies. With a .176 batting average it just wasn’t worth it. If he would just make contact with the ball and get on base that would help. Gomes has been in the wrong place at the wrong time for a long time. He was batting second before Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. Pedroia or Papi could score Gomes, but he is too scared to go all the way. I know what that feels like. I experienced it in high school. You get over it rather quickly once you realize how good it feels.

In spite of these liabilities, the team has done an exceptional job of scoring runs thanks to Pedroia, Ortiz, Daniel Nava and Jacoby Ellsbury’s recent success. Over the course of last week, Farrell saw that some changes needed to be made, and he made them. Let’s see if they hold water. Farrell can always circle the wagons again after testing the current mix of players.

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