Sox Fans Drinking The Kool Aid

Sox fans drinking the kool aid

Some Red Sox fans are drinking the Kool Aid after winning for the eighth time in nine games, as of July 21st, by clobbering the Toronto Blue Jays 14-1. The offense has come alive as of late, which hasn’t happened all season. The lowest point for this team was probably the sweep by the Theo Epstein led Cubs before the All-Star Break.

There are now currently four teams ahead of the Sox in the East, but at least they are out of last place. They climbed up to being seven games back in the division. At one point the Sox were 10.5 games out, so at this point Red Sox fans should be happier about things. Now before everyone says big frickin’ deal and that this win streak has come at the hands of some bad teams…HOLD ON! The Jays were the first place team for a while and currently sit 3.5 games back. When you look at things, this division is weak, so anything is possible.

As Red Sox fans hate to bring up 2011, look at the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals of that year. The Atlanta Braves were up on Wild Card lead by 10.5 games ahead of the Cardinals on August 24. Yes I said August 24th, and the Cardinals came all the way back to win the Wild Card and World Series that year! Now I am not saying this will happen to the Red Sox, but don’t count them out quite yet as we are still in July with a full August and September to go. Now if the Sox are seven games out in September, I will be writing a different story and singing a different tune.

Should the Sox be buyers or sellers at this point? They should be partial sellers, trading away Jake Peavy so Brandon Workman and Ruby De La Rosa can stick around full-time in the rotation. Keep playing the kids—such as Christian Vazquez who is going to be a star in this league one day. If some other trades make sense to get some young talent back, go ahead, but I wouldn’t strip the bullpen down as it may still come in handy down the stretch.

So bottoms up everyone!

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