Sox Open Up 4 Game Series vs. Houston

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The Red Sox open up a four game series against the Houston Astros tonight. Growing up Irish and in New England, I naturally anticipate that the Red Sox are going to lose every single time they take the field. Pessimism was never lost on my people.

However, there is no way this team is losing to the Astros. All four games, Thursday through Sunday, are going to be wins for Boston’s team. Don’t bother turning on the TV or going to the game.

Why am I so confident? Let’s check the facts.

Today’s Starters:

BOS Clay Buchholz, record: 4-0

HOU Philip Humber, record: 0-4


BOS 1st in American League: 14-7

HOU Last in American League: 7-14

Run Differential:

BOS 22 more runs scored than allowed

HOU 32 less runs scored than allowed

Last 10 games:

BOS 7 wins, 3 losses

HOU 3 wins, 7 losses


BOS 7-5 record at home

HOU 3-6 record away from Houston

History against each other:

BOS 7 wins 2 losses all time vs. Astros

HOU 2 wins 7 losses all time vs. Red Sox

History at Fenway:

3 game series June 13-15, 2003 at Fenway Park

Red Sox 3 wins, Astros 0 wins

As you can see, the odds are in Boston’s favor for tonight and the rest of the weekend. I take back what I said earlier about not bothering to go to the game; you should go, as you are bound to see some fireworks courtesy of Boston’s bats. As Dustin Pedroia would say, it’s going to be a “Laser Show… relax.” By the way, while you are there, pick up a copy of Yawkey Way Report!

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