Stephen Drew continues to struggle

Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts during the Boston Red Sox 8-5 win over the New York Yankees Sunday night, bringing his average to .133 over his first 60 at-bats. I know it has only been a small sample size, but so far the Drew signing has been a complete bust.

Drew didn’t have a spring training to get ready, as he had just 21 at-bats in the minors before the Red Sox called him up on June 1. I understand that Drew has never been the greatest of hitters as his career average is .264 hitter, but I never expected the shortstop to be hitting this badly. 

Despite me not being a fan of the move, he did hit .253 with 13 home runs and 67 RBI’s a season ago. Drew is still providing good defense in the field, but the Red Sox need his bat to produce more.

Boston is 27th in the majors in runs, 24th in batting average and 26th in slugging percentage. Not saying Drew would ignite this team, but the Sox need as much help as they can get offensively.

Xander Bogaerts, who hit .327 in the month of May, is hitting just as badly as Drew has in June. The rookie has a batting of .140 with a .182 on-base-percentage in June. 

David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Daniel Nava, and Jonny Gomes—four key players from the 2013 season—have all underachieved. Shane Victorino, who hit .294 and won a Gold Glove as a right fielder, has played only 21 games because of injuries. 

There is plenty of time for the Red Sox to recover. Starting with this series against the Chicago Cubs the team will play 13 of their next 16 games at Fenway Park. With the Toronto Blue Jays struggling as of late, the Red Sox could get back into the American League East race before the All-Star break. If the team is to improve their offense and get back into contention, Drew will need to improve his production at the plate. 

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