Stephen Drew Not The Answer For The Red Sox

Stephen Drew

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported that the Boston Red Sox have signed shortstop Stephen Drew for the rest of the 2014 season. Heyman is reporting that the deal is for around $10 million. It is the same deal as the $14.1 million qualifying offer Drew declined last offseason pro-rated for the remaining games this season.

Stephen Drew returns to the Red Sox, the team he won a World Series with last season. He hit .253 with 13 home runs and 67 RBIs in 2013. Drew also provided excellent defense, something that the Red Sox have not had in 2014.

Drew finished with the second-best fielding percentage among shortstops in the American League last year at .984. This year’s starting shortstop Xander Bogaerts currently ranks fifth in the league with a .974 fielding percentage. Bogaerts also leads the Red Sox in errors with four.

Not only will Stephen Drew help the Red Sox defensively, he could also help offensively as well. Last season, he hit .284 with nine home runs and 48 RBI against right-handed pitching. In 2014, the Red Sox are only hitting .240 against righties. 

Despite everything I wrote above, I’m not a big fan of this signing for many reasons. The first of which is that it doesn’t solve any of the team’s long-term issues at third base and shortstop

Boston signed Drew for rest of the 2014 season. So once the season is over, the Red Sox will be in the same situation as it was last offseason.

I know third baseman Will Middlebrooks, (who’s currently on the disabled list) has struggled at the plate so far this season and the Sox needed to make a move. I just don’t believe this move makes much sense for the future.

It is widely believed that the Red Sox are going to move Bogaerts to third base. When I attended Spring Training, players and coaches were all saying Bogaerts was their guy and they didn’t have any intentions on re-signing Drew. Despite their public confidence in Bogaerts, the Red Sox have given up on him playing shortstop, almost two months into the season.

I don’t know what fans and coaches expected. This is Bogaerts first full season in the majors, so of course he’s going to make mistakes. Signing Stephen Drew doesn’t help Bogaerts develop at shortstop in the long-term. At some point, you have to let Bogaerts play and then evaluate if he’s your long-term solution at shortstop.

If I thought the Stephen Drew signing was the move that would help the Red Sox regain their magic from 2013, then I would be thrilled. Yes he will improve the team defensively, but the Red Sox have a lot of other issues.

The Red Sox starting pitching has a 4.20 ERA, ranking them 11th in the American League. David Ortiz is the only real power-hitter in the lineup. Boston is only hitting .240 with runners in scoring position.

Drew is a nice signing, but he is not going to make a huge impact on this team. At 20-23, the Red Sox can still win the AL East, but this team has a lot of work to do if they want to repeat as World Series Champions. 

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