Baseball Fan Charges Field During Game

Last Sunday, August 28th, at the last minute, I went to the Red Sox game against the Kansas City Royals. It was an 8:05 game, an hour later than most night games. It seemed from the start that it was going to be a strange night at Fenway. The fans seemed more excited than usual. I looked for a full moon in the sky (there wasn’t one). I noticed that more beach balls than usual circulated among the crowd. I’m personally not a fan of beach balls. They distract the players and annoy to fans, but whatever. What really irks me though is when a baseball fan charges the field during a game.

As I settled in to watch the game from right field, an impulsive baseball fan ran onto thestupid baseball fan field wearing a “Harambe 69” jersey. For those who don’t know, Harambe is the name of the gorilla shot and killed in a Cincinnati Zoo a few months ago. A small child managed to climb into Harambe’s enclosure, making him a potential target for the gorilla. Fearing for the child’s life, zoo keepers decided to shoot and kill Harambe. A public outcry that included allegations of animal cruelty followed. Unfortunately, a pseudo campaign to honor Harambe also emerged. The mock tributes include allegations ranging from Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the shooting, to making Harambe an icon who died for our sins. The fake tributes are purely stupid.

The less than intelligent fan bearing the Harambe tribute jersey made it to center field before security tackled him to the ground. Thinking it was funny at the time, the look on his face after his arrest suggested otherwise. The only funny part of the incident was seeing members of the Kansas City Royals bullpen high-five the security guard who tackled the smuck as he returned to his post. Charging the field is just stupid. It holds up the game. More importantly, with the threat of mass killings, it scares players and puts security and police alike on edge.

When a Baseball Fan Charges The Field, It Does More Damage Than He Thinks

With recent tragic events like the shooting at the nightclub in Orlando, it’s easy to understand why a player might get startled when a baseball fan charges the field. So when a baseball fan charges the field looking for attention, the stunt not only scares players but breaks their concentration. The game has to stop so that security can escort the brainless fan off the field. Afterwards, the player has to refocus his attention on the game. It slows the game down, it hurts the home team, and annoys other fans. Most field runners later regret it.

I’m sure most fans don’t think about doing something so stupid as to run onto the field. But if you do, just remember that a short amount of attention and notoriety can turn into a lifetime of shame and hardship. With a criminal record, it’ll be harder to get a job. That’s after you’ve spent a ton of money on lawyers and court appearances.

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