What Would A Cubs v Red Sox Series Look Like?

The Chicago Cubs are on fire in the National League. Clinching their division earlier this month, the Cubs’ performance this season is leaving many wondering about their World Series opponent. Is there a chance fans might see a Cubs versus Red Sox World Series? For some, it would be a match made in Heaven. For others, it presents an ethical dilemma. So with that said, what would a Cubs v Red Sox series look like? More importantly, how would Red Sox fans react if the Cubs won?

The Red Sox and Cubs last met in a World Series in 1918. That series marked the lastCubs v Red Sox time the Red Sox would win a World Series until 2004. Within two years, Babe Ruth’s sale to the New York Yankees started an 86 year drought for the Red Sox known as the Curse of the Bambino. Many believe that drought was one of the most painful in sports history. However, few fans know that the City of Chicago is no stranger to droughts themselves. It wasn’t until 2005 that the Chicago White Sox broke their own run of 88 years without a World Series title. Before that, the last time the White Sox even played in a World Series was 1959. Unfortunately, the Cubs have had no such luck.

The Chicago Cubs last won a World Series in 1908. Here’s some perspective on that. That’s a drought older than the following: instant coffee, bras, zippers, traffic signals, bubble gum, radios, velcro, and television, just to name a few. In 1908 the Athletics were still in Philadelphia. Fenway Park didn’t exist yet! Those facts represent why Sox fans wonder how they’d feel if the Cubs played, and beat, the Red Sox in a World Series.

A Cubs v Red Sox World Series Would Be the Series of the Century!

Obviously, you don’t want to “give” a World Series title to a team like Chicago. They must earn one! But if the Cubs beat the Sox, would Red Sox Nation applaud them? There are two ways to look at this dilemma.

First, the idea of a Cubs v Red Sox series alone excites both cities. Red Sox fans remembering how long their drought lasted might not mind if the Cubs won. After all, the Red Sox reversed the curse! On top of that, the Chicago Cubs are a very strong team this year. If they beat the Red Sox in a World Series, fans would find it difficult to condemn the Cubs (but it wouldn’t stop them from trying anyway).

On the other hand, this is Boston and we’re not known for our kindness. We’re not mean, but Bostonians don’t like losing either. Sure, we understand Chicago’s pain, but a 2016 World Series Championship banner would look great on Fenway Park! Sure, Chicago’s drought would continue, but hey, that’s baseball.

Regardless of who loses, baseball fans have to keep one thing in mind: THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!