Red Sox Possible Representatives for All-Star Game

The Red Sox have had a terrible start to their season.  The team has a record of 27-34, and after a great come-from-behind win against the Oakland Athletics last week that gave them their first sweep of the season, the Sox have already went back to their losing ways after being swept by the Baltimore Orioles Thursday night.  But, even with the team looking as bad as they have been, this does not mean that there are no individual players who could be heading to Cincinatti for this years All-Star Game.

It will be hard to find a player, whether it be a pitcher or a position player, who is deservingall-star game of an All-Star bid on the Sox this year.  Some of the teams bigger name players, such as David Ortiz and Clay Buchholz, are really struggling this year.  At this point in the season, Ortiz is only batting .220, with 7 home runs, and 22 RBI.  For someone who does not play in the field against American League teams, these are just not All-Star numbers, so we’re going to say it’s a no for Ortiz.

Buchholz came into the season as the Sox number one starting pitcher.  He has not lived up to that title at all this year, to say the least.  During the off season, Sox fans were very skeptical about having him as the top starter.  He typically is a solid pitcher, but just a solid pitcher should be a number two or three starter, not number one.  Now, about a month away from the All-Star break, Buchholz is only 3-6, and he’s proving that the skepticism that Sox fans had before the season was valid.

But, it hasn’t been bad for all of the Sox players this season.  There are definitely some players that can be looked at as being on the fence for next month’s All-Star Game.  Xander Bogaerts had a rough start to the season, but he has been picking up his play over the past few weeks.  Overall this season, he is batting .295 with eight doubles and 22 RBI.  I wouldn’t say these are All-Star numbers, but crazier things have happened.  Also, Hanley Ramirez is batting .272 with 13 home runs and 32 RBI.  Again, maybe not All-Star numbers, but also pretty solid stats.

Now let’s get to the players who have the best chance at representing our beloved Red Sox in the All-Star Game this season.  I think that there are two players who have shown just enough this season to deserve a bid, Dustin Pedroia and Junichi Tazawa.  Pedroia leads the Sox with a batting average of .310, and has also driven in 23 runs with 11 doubles and eight home runs.  He is also known as being possibly the best defensive second baseman in the Major Leagues.  Tazawa has also been good this season.  Opposing batters are only hitting .179 against him, and he has a 1.33 ERA and has only allowed 4 runs on the season.  It’s possible that we will be seeing one or both of these guys in All-Star uniforms this season.

In a season that has had many more downs than ups, it can be hard to see anything as a positive.  But maybe for the Red Sox this season that positive will come from seeing one of their own compete in the All-Star Game.  And hopefully that one positive will create many more.