Red Sox look at the road ahead

As we head into May, the Red Sox look at the road ahead. They are now on the road to Chicago to play the White Sox. From there, it’s on to Baltimore. How will this month go compared to April? Time can only tell. Hopefully, after an April that saw the World Champs go 14-17, May will be a better month.

After a rainy rock and roller coaster of a homestand, the Red Sox are ready to head tored sox look Chicago. In a homestand that saw two rain outs, the Rays redemption, and two crazy series vs the Detroit Tigers and Oakland A’s, the Red Sox are ready to hit the road. Granted, they are leaving Fenway on a high note. Now, hopefully they bring the brooms on the plane.

Red Sox Look To The Road To The Windy City

First up for the Red Sox is the other Sox. The Chicago White Sox are having a rough start to their season as well. Currently, the White Sox are 13-15, after hosting the Baltimore Orioles. Their season, like Boston’s, started off on the bumpy road. The bright spot for Chicago is their shortstop, Tim Anderson. Currently, Anderson’s batting .375, with six home runs and 18 RBI’s. He’s also been a terror on the bases as well, with 10 stolen bases. The 2013 first round draft pick for the Chicago White Sox is currently in his fourth season.

One name that will stand out to Red Sox fans is Yoan Moncada. The 23 year old switch hitter is in his third season with the White Sox. Moncada, who made his Major League debut with Boston in 2016, was part of the trade for Chris Sale. So far this season, the third baseman is hitting .314 with six home runs and 20 RBI’s.

Good Morning Baltimore…

The last time we saw the Orioles, it was Patriot’s Day weekend. In that series, the Red Sox took two of the four games from Baltimore. Looking to stay away from the basement, the Red Sox have some work to do. Right now, the Orioles sit in last place in the division. Before taking on the Red Sox, Tampa Bay will be making a visit to Camden Yards. The first place Rays look to continue their success, and push Baltimore further into the basement. The Orioles are currently 11-21 in the East.

One player to pay attention to is none other than Chris Davis. After a major slump, Davis broke out in Boston, going 3-5 in the Baltimore win on April 13th. The first baseman is currently batting .176 with three home runs, and looks to continue his success against Boston.

Coming Home From The Road

When the Red Sox finally return to Fenway, they will be greeted by the Seattle Mariners. Fans can only wonder how this road trip will fair for the Red Sox. Despite a rather crazy home stand, I’m confident that the World Series Champions are back. For the Red Sox, it’s about digging themselves out of this hole. Right now, it’s not too bad. As the Red Sox look ahead, we need to keep the faith, Red Sox Nation. The boys are back!

Cheap Food Causes a Stir at Fenway Park This April

cheap beer

Cheap beer and kids eat for free will be provided at Fenway Park for the 17 games played in April.

The Boston Red Sox did horrendous last season; let’s face it, but does that mean we won’t go the ballgames? I hope not.  Are we fair weather fans or are we fans that show our loyalty whether or not the Sox place last or win the World Series? Well, no matter which it is, Fenway’s executives are worried and they’re trying everything to sell out in the 17 games played this April. What is their solution? Cheap food! That means kids eat free until 3 PM and adults get $5.00 beers versus the $8.50 served last season and the season’s prior to.  Not only are they serving cheap food, but the games are being played earlier to get fans of all ages into the ballpark. I’m a bit perturbed, but from a financial standpoint I can see the trepidation. I truly hope we are loyal fans and this adjustment would not determine whether or not we attend the games at Fenway this season. This adjustment is an incentive and the price cut is, by word of mouth, only thanking fans for supporting last year’s debacle. But in my mind, the executives are nervous.  Also, coming from a report by “Time” magazine, fans are angry about this price cut, saying this should have come long ago and that it’s too late to lure them into the stadium.  It’s always been too pricey.  It’s sacrilege!

Fenway Park

At 17 chilly home games this April, the Red Sox are offering cheaper beer, half-price hot chocolate and free hot dogs for kids in an effort to sell tickets at Fenway Park.

“Hey Sox brass, you guys are deplorable. It costs a family of four approx. $240 to go to a game at Fenway, so now you’re going to be ‘generous’ – for April ONLY, how thoughtful! – and it will only cost the family of four $225.”

Whether a small gift of appreciation or an enticement, there are mixed reviews about the cheap food and earlier game times in April as you can see. But hey, it happened and it’s happening so let’s not be as cynical as we would like, let’s go the games, enjoy the Sox and eat the half off food.  Enjoy the games at Fenway Park as we have done in the past and make light of what’s really going on behind the scenes. It’s not our job.  After all, every large organization has politics and is controlled by ‘profit and loss’ statistics. Let the executives do the executive work (forget about their excuses) and let the fans do theirs. A ballgame is a ballgame and no matter, the fun only starts and stops when you, (the fan) dictate it. Stay loyal to the team and let’s not let all the negative nuances destroy a day at the stadium.