Dustin Pedroia: Arrogant, Simply Amazing or Both?

Dustin Pedroia

Who bares the # 15 Red sox jersey? Everyone who knows baseball can answer that question. But just for kicks, the next time you walk into Fenway Park or walk down Yawkey Way, keep an eye on how many Pedroia shirts you see. In retrospect, Dustin Pedroia recently signed a seven year contract for 110 million dollars which would hold his spot on the Boston Red Sox until 2021. He’s that much of a commodity. But do we, as fans, believe this was a wise decision for the Red Sox organization? After all, he’s got a big head and I’m not talking about the one that sits atop his shoulders.

Okay, so he may be the all-star player on the team and God knows where we’d be without him, but do we really need to flaunt it by buying Pedroia paraphernalia? I was pissed when I walked into a gift shop on Yawkey Way not long ago, looking specifically for a Junichi Tazawa shirt. Low and behold they had everyone else –Ortiz, Ellsbury and even Middlebrooks, but no Junichi. Case in point, I was listening to my car radio the other day and the radio broadcaster decided to bring up in conversation random stats about Pedey. Did you know, out of all the Red Sox gear sold, Pedroia’s #15 is the highest selling number in Red Sox Nation? Where is Tazawa in all of this?  I know. Pedroia is  the s*** to most Red Sox fans and he does outperform in almost every game, but is he humble or does he relay a bit of arrogance I am unwilling to overcome?

I don’t know the man personally, but there is an air about him when he takes to the field or the plate that strikes me as egotistical and arrogant to say the least.  Confidence is high, great! But his overconfidence accentuates my feelings of remorse.

It was Pedey’s 30th birthday and the Sox had taken on the Yankees at Fenway.  Pedey was at bat when he fouled off of Adam Warren’s pitch, a swift kick to the shin.  He fell to the ground instantly in pain, but soon after returned to his feet and finished his at bat. Although, the entirety of the game, he had been the only Red Sox player to not land on base, he still remained stellar in the field. That is until he was taken out and replaced by rookie Brock Holt the inning following his injury.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, in a recent interview, mentions the team cannot withstand losing anyone at this point whether it is Pedey, Lester, or Koji. As of right now they have a solid team and everyone is playing their hardest.  It’s not about the man who makes the most plays on the field, or the guy who gets the most hits at bat or who has played the most games.  Pedroia has his days, on point or in the slumps, just as any other player out there. Who’s to say one man can outperform any other?  As the Red Sox draw closer and closer to the playoffs, it’s not Pedroia who will determine whether or not they will make it to the World Series, but instead it’s a unified team with the ability to capture the hearts of all Boston fans.