Former Red Sox Players on the Oakland Athletics?

oakland athletics

How did all these former Red Sox players end up on the Oakland Athletics?  Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, Josh Reddick seem to all have gone West Coast on us. Is it the weather or the team that was the attraction?  Well, it can’t be the weather. They did great against us on Tuesday night in the rain.

Reddick left in August of 2012 and was happy to go, which after the events of that season who could blame him. He said to ESPN that the clubhouse culture was far more “open.” There are strong bonds among the veteran and new players in Oakland; seems as though Reddick just needed a more welcoming home. His performance reinforces this as he earned Golden Glove and MVP honors.

Crisp departed from the Red Sox in 2008, after playing as part of the 2007 World Series Championship team. He was traded to the Kansas City Royals and joined the Athletics in 2009, but did not play until 2011 due to a fractured pinkie finger in 2010. He had his lowest batting average the year that he spent with the Royals batting approximately .288. His career journey has certainly been an interesting one, as he slowly moved across the country.  He seems to be thriving with the A’s this year. Currently, batting .309 and holding down a .420 on base percentage.

They must be doing something right in the clubhouse in California. Whether in California or in Boston, we have all learned in the last year, that if the players are happy then typically they play better. By the time one becomes a professional in any sport, skill and talent are set, and it is the mental wellness that is the ‘X factor.’ Clearly, Crisp, Reddick, and Moss needed the right clubhouse environment to bring out the best in them.

oakland athletics

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Reddick and Moss are feeling so positive they were kind enough to visit Boston Marathon bombing victims in hospitals this week. They still love the city of Boston and its fans.