Is Pablo Sandoval Ready to Start Over?

Seemingly every time I unlock my iPhone, I see Pablo Sandoval. I’m not sure if that excites me, or merely worries me.

It’s all over social media. I’ll simply be scrolling through my Snapchat feed  when a story will popPablo Sandoval up and he will be working out with Miguel Cabrera. The next time I check my phone, Sandoval is live streaming his batting-practice on Instagram. There is reason to be enthusiastic, but I’m not sold yet.

Sandoval has hit a mere .242 in the American league thus far, and his on-base-percentage is under .300. He has not been spectacular defensively either, with 16 errors made in the field in just 129 games. The Red Sox should not be having issues at third-base, and Sandoval has under produced. He has been a disappointment so far, especially for a player who is still guaranteed some $40 million dollars.

Travis Shaw had potential in Boston. In his first full season in the big leagues, he showed promise in his somewhat limited role in Boston’s rotation of infielders. He hit 16 homers, 34 doubles and drove in 43 runs. Shaw only hit .242 last year, but what he did show was the capability to improve a clean swing that can drive balls to the pull side and gaps. Also, his ripe age of 26 made him even more appealing to me, personally.

Pablo Sandoval’s Role Moving Forward

Trading for Tyler Thornburg makes sense. We picked up a guy who has established himself as a dominant reliever in baseball for a player who may or may not have fit our system. Travis Shaw will now have a chance to flourish in Milwaukee, while Thornburg sets up Kimbrel in our bullpen. The Red Sox will now be forced to go ‘all-in’ on Pablo Sandoval because Shaw and Moncada are gone.

The numbers have not lied about Pablo Sandoval yet, as analysts have not projected him to be heavily productive at third base for this roster. Who knows what could happen? This is a guy who carried San Francisco on his back to a World Series title back in 2012. Watching him crush home-runs out of AT&T Park and seeing the pandamonium (yes, I went there) take place was an unbelievable experience for me, as a young baseball fan. Pablo Sandoval was the driving force of a World-Series-winning team just five years ago. It doesn’t sound like a risk at all when you put it that way, right?

Kung Fu Panda Sneaks Chic Pix in Can, Benched Thursday

What do you do when you’re getting paid $17,600,000, your team is in dead last place, and you’re barely hitting your weight?  Sneak into the john during a game and start liking pictures of hot girls on Instagram, that’s what you do! Just ask Kung Fu Panda.

Pablo Sandoval did just that during the seventh inning of yet another Red Sox loss onPanda Pablo Sandoval Wednesday, and the result was that Panda sat on the bench last, (without his cell phone.) The Red Sox, by the way, won without him, beating the Atlanta Braves by a score of 5-2. Rookie Travis Shaw filled in for Sandoval, and despite going 0 for 4 was solid defensively. He apparently went the entire game with logging onto Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, or any other sites.

In 2011, it was fried chicken and beer that symbolized the Red Sox season. It seems that Sandoval would have been a better fit that year, being able to duck in and out of the clubhouse for the all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffets that Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Josh Beckett were a part of. This year the curse could be social media.

Rather than going onto Instagram during games, here are some suggested sites that would much better serve the round mound of the corner bag:,,,,,,,, or even

One of the few bright lights in this dark season has been Brock Holt. He hustles, hits, and gives 100% each team he puts on the Red Sox uniform. He can play anywhere, and he’s a better bargain than Sandoval.  Holt is making $530,500, and that is $17,069,500 less than Sandoval.  Pound for pound, Holt is a better player.

Perhaps Panda will be remorseful, and this will be the turning point in a season that is apparently on a road to nowhere. Sandoval brought this on himself, so it’s impossible to feel sorry for him. The one I feel sorry for is whoever had to use the bathroom after big ole sweaty Panda got done with his seated performance on Wednesday night.

Is Health a Concern for Pablo Sandoval?

pablo sandoval

A picture is worth 1,000 words and this picture of Pablo Sandoval confirms that theory. Looking at the picture, Sandoval went a little heavy on the sweets this off-season— from the looks of that gut.
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Health has always been a concern for the Kung Fu Panda and has often lured teams away from the third baseman. Listed at 5-foot-11 245 pounds, Sandoval looks more like apablo sandoval high school football offensive lineman than he does the starting third baseman for the Boston Red Sox.

There is no doubt that Sandoval can play the game, but being in tiptop shape is one of the requirements for big time athletes. Boston invested $95 million in Sandoval for five years of his services and right now, he does not look to be in shape for the season— let alone five years from now.
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A switch hitter, Sandoval has yet to touch upon his weight issues, but instead he is looking to improve his splits. Hitting just .199 with an abysmal .244 OBP off lefties last season, Sandoval looks to improve his bat from the right side of the plate. As a lefty on the other hand, Sandoval dominates right-handed pitching and hit ..317 with a .363 on-base percentage last year.

If Sandoval is not in shape, or if he fails to hit lefties, Brock Holt is always an option to make a few appearances. In 208 at-bats against lefties, the super utility man is a .282 hitter with a .332 OBP, making him a viable option even if Sandoval does improve against lefties. Together the two could definitely make an impressive platoon at the position and although fans hate to hear the word “platoon” used with big name players, it might just be the Red Sox best bet.
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Of course one way Sandoval could avoid his struggles as a right-handed hitter is to avoid the problem. Perhaps if he abandons hitting from the right side entirely, he could see his splits improve.