Michael Chavis Adjusting Nicely To Pro Ball

michael-chavisIt was clear when the Boston Red Sox drafted Michael Chavis in the first round that they had high hopes for him. A third baseman by trade who plays all over the field appealed to Boston, especially when that player is a five-tool guy. Once Boston offered a $1.8705 million signing bonus, Chavis was good to go and joined the Red Sox organization.

At first he struggled mightily, but now Chavis seems to be adjusting to pro ball well. Coming from Georgia, the now 19-year-old played against some of the best high school baseball in the country which certainly makes the transition from high school to pro a little less extreme.
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Making his pro debut on July 5th for the GCL Red Sox, Chavis struggled through the month of July. In 17 games he slashed .125/.234/.196 which shows his struggles adjusting to pro ball. Since the start of August however, Chavis is a completely different player. So far in 13 games this month his slash line has risen dramatically and is now up to .349/.417/.488.

He has yet to see much time in the field, but it is clear that third base is his position, as he has booted five balls at shortstop in 12 games playing there. To put it this way, Mookie Betts made six errors at shortstop for the Lowell Spinners in 2012 and he is doing just fine so, Chavis will be fine as well.
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Although he has yet to hit a home run, the signs of power are there as roughly 41% of his hits have been for extra bases. In addition, he clubbed 13 homers his senior year and nearly half of his hits were for extra bases (23 out of 47).

Things look so-far-so-good for Michael Chavis at this point. A top prospect in the Boston Red Sox farm system, he has potential in every aspect of the game. It will be interesting to see both what type of player he develops into and where he plays on defense. Whether or not he becomes a serious power hitter, on-base machine or speedster is up for debate, but what is for sure is that Chavis can play the game.
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Boston Red Sox Draft High School Shortstop Michael Chavis

michael chavis MLB 2014 draft pick

After winning the World Series in 2013, the Boston Red Sox did not have nearly as high of a pick as they did the season before. In 2013, Boston had the 7th overall pick of the draft and they selected Trey Ball, a high school pitcher with tremendous potential from Indiana. This year, the Red Sox first pick was pick number 26, and Boston took the same approach taking Michael Chavis, a shortstop from Marietta, Georgia.
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Chavis, 18, is a very athletic guy and has the potential to be a true five tool player. He tore up his high school competition, as all draft picks do, hitting .557 in 31 games while boasting a .645 OBP. For a guy at shortstop, Chavis’ power is impressive as he clubbed 13 home runs. Though no stolen base numbers are available, his 6.68 second 60 yard dash implies he could steal some bases.

Unfortunately for Chavis, the future seems dim for him as the Boston Red Sox starting shortstop, but lucky for him he is athletic enough to play a wide variety of positions. Chavis could play anywhere on the field, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up. Perhaps Chavis could end up being a highly valuable, highly versatile player for the Red Sox.
Odds are, Michael Chavis will begin his pro career in the Gulf Coast League for the GCL Red Sox when he does sign his contract given that few high schoolers go straight to the short-season A team, the Lowell Spinners. Chavis will likely start his career as a shortstop and Boston will see how that goes and add some more as time goes on. As far as a signing bonus goes, do not expect Chavis to sign cheap. Committed to Clemson, Chavis could prove to be a tough sign for Boston, who will pool out all sorts of money for his services.
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The Red Sox made a good move with the first pick in their draft. Michael Chavis has a bright future ahead of him and is confident. He compared himself to Dustin Pedroia and showed up to the draft wearing a bow tie, which makes two bold moves on the night. Hopefully he signs with Boston soon to get his career up and going.