Red Sox Fans Watched Jon Lester Struggle Sunday Night

Jon Lester

As Red Sox fans woke up on Easter Sunday morning, they had to be excited that Spring Training games were finally over and their hometown team was opening the season on Monday afternoon in Philadelphia. Before Clay Buccholz and Sox took on Cole Hamels and the Phillies, the season opening game, on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball featured a match-up between NL Central rivals. Jon Lester took the mound for the first time with the Cubs against the Cardinals in prime time.

First off, the choice of teams was a bit of a head scratcher. The Cardinals have been one of the best teams this century, but the Cubs? Jon LesterThe Cubs have been in the basement since Steve Bartman. Why doesn’t Major League Baseball start off the season like the NFL. Have their champion open the season against a rival or a team they beat on their way to a championship? The Patriots will open the NFL season, so the Giants should have opened the MLB season.

As baseball fans tuned into Sunday’s game, some Red Sox fans may still have a sour taste in their mouth. Lester won two World Series’ with the Sox, and many fans felt as if they were teased into thinking he was coming back after a trade deadline deal with Oakland. I felt the trade to Oakland only meant that it would be easier for him not to return, after experiencing another clubhouse, and thinking, “maybe I could play somewhere else.” Lester went on to sign a six year, $155 million deal with the Cubs. The Red Sox came in with an offer substantially lower, so he walked to Theo Epstein and the Cubs, which many felt made the sour taste in their mouth that much more bitter.

The start for Lester did not go as planned. He did not get out of the fifth inning— tossing 4 1/3, allowing 8 hits and 3 runs. The Cubs continue to be the Cubs right? Obviously the Cubs have more talent than they have had in the past decade, so Lester will have better outings this season. With the report of Lester having “dead arm” this spring, one has to think the Cubs will keep an eye on Lester’s pitch count until he is comfortable, but some Cubs fans are holding their breath already while Red Sox fans should be more open-minded about not bringing Lester back.

Many fans have still not let the signing of Lester go, saying the Red Sox need an ace. Ben Cherington will find a top of the rotation starter this season. The Red Sox decided not to pay a pitcher in his 30’s premium money, a move I support. The Yankees are going through a tough time with C.C. Sabathia, as are the Phillies with Cliff Lee. Jon Lester will have some great years in the Chicago but he will also likely not be worth the money in the long run.

In Bad Boston Sports News, Red Sox Are A Minor Issue

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When will Clay return? Courtesy of

I leave town for three days and everything in Boston sports news seems to hit the fan. Come on people, I went away to do some good, charitable work, and Clay Buchholz is on hold for what seems to be the indefinite future. Jon Lester gave us a scare on Thursday night. Meanwhile, Koji Uehara has been named closer and Brandon Snyder got the call up to Boston. And that’s just the Red Sox. Don’t get me started about the Celtics and the Patriots. Thanks Aaron Hernandez for making “chicken-and-beer-gate” look like, well, chicken [bleep]. I was gone for three days.

Are we in trouble? I’m not sure just yet. On paper things look promising. In personnel, and in practice, they are in progress. Now is the time for the players to pull together and prove that the strength of this team is their most valuable asset.  The former minor league players need to make the most of their promotions, too. These players must make good because my journalistic integrity is on the line.  Oh, helping the Sox earn an American League East title would be nice, too.

Pitching poses a greater concern than ever. What do we have left? A few of the starting five, especially Ryan Dempster, are only successful when the offense is hot. Felix Doubront runs hot and cold. Saturday he seemed solid, but the bats didn’t back him up. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. John Farrell is very crafty, so I am sure he will come up with a winning pitching strategy.