Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Return to the Majors

Jackie Bradley Jr.'s return

Courtesy of sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Well, Nick Cafardo, of the Boston Globe took the wind out of my sails today as he tweeted about Jackie Bradley Jr.’s return to the majors. He wrote the following “Debbie Downer” tweet:

“Jackie Bradley Jr. is here in Philadelphia. This should only be temporary until Shane Victorino returns next week.”

Okay, that could be true, but who knows how long Victorino will be out. Pump the brakes. Take a breather. How can the Red Sox use Bradley while Victorino is out, and perhaps (though unlikely), when he returns?

Bradley could very well be the Pedro Ciriaco of the outfield. Will fans see him in the 6th inning replacing Jacoby Ellsbury or Mike Carp, if they run out of steam in the batter’s box?  The team needs run production.  This kid, Bradley, has a fire in his belly at the plate. His batting average stats don’t lie; they are straight up insane at .415/520/780 even for the Triple-A minor league level. He has bounced back from the bicep tendinitis. Yes, he had a tough time initially when the Red Sox brought him right out of Spring Training. I think the trouble there was between Bradley’s two ears, and had little to do with his athletic ability. The contract chatter, the media buzz, and the bright lights got to him. Hopefully, Bradley’s jitters are gone this time.

I believe in second chances. Do you?