Fenway Feature #3: Why is there just one random red chair?


If you’re new to Fenway Park and you’re looking around at the grandstand and bleacher seats, you’ll notice that they match, like most ballparks. Except at our beautiful park, we have one chair that sticks out. Specifically, Seat 21 in Section 42, Row 37. You know, the right field bleachers.

The Lone Red Chair.

fenway springsteen


Why is there one random red chair? Well, let me tell you.

The longest homerun ever hit at Fenway was hit by the one and only Teddy Ballgame- Ted Williams. If you don’t know who Ted Williams is, I suggest you go do some reading really quick- I mean, how are you a Red Sox fan if you don’t know who the greatest hitter that ever lived was? I digress.

Anyway, Ted Williams hit a rocket on June 9, 1946 that landed 502 feet from home plate. It hit Joseph A. Boucher, who was sitting in that seat, in the head! If it would have been able to keep going, it probably would have soared another 20-30 feet, easily. Either way, it is still the farthest homerun ever hit at Fenway Park.

Sure, Manny Ramirez had a couple bombs that were pretty darn close to that hit, and there is evidence that shows that Babe Ruth may have hit one further, but for now we’re just going to go with Ted Williams’ homerun.

If you go to Fenway Park and want to see the Red Chair, make sure to get there early to get your picture with it- the person who bought the ticket for that seat won’t want to share it with you!