David Ortiz’s Best Moments in a Sox Uniform

David Ortiz hit his 500th home run over the weekend in one of the few highlights of the Red Sox season to date. This gives new life to the “Should he be in the Hall?” debate, but that’s a separate article for another time. What isn’t up for debate is that David Ortiz had many great moments as a member of the Red Sox.

I’ll highlight what I thought were his absolute 5 best moments in a Red Sox uniform. This listDavid Ortiz is in no way perfect, and it was difficult to pick just 5 because there are so many, like I said. Also, this list is in no particular order, so keep that in mind as you read this.

5.) “This our bleeping city!” I think we all remember when David went on TV before the game against the Royals and said this, which summed up how Boston was feeling a few days after the tragic events of the Boston Marathon a few days before that.

4.) His on-field heroics during the 2013 World Series: That year, he reached base in 19 of 25 plate appearances and hit 11-16 (.688 average) and ran away with the World Series MVP on his way to carrying the Red Sox to their 3rd championship in 10 years. Pretty amazing.

3.) His grand slam in game 2 of the 2013 ALCS: Speaking of 2013 heroics, let’s talk about the grand slam against the Detroit Tigers in Game 2 of the ALCS. That tied the game up at 5 when he hit it, and helped the team avoid going 0-2 at home.

2.) His walk-off heroics against the Evil Empire: Back to 2004. David Ortiz helped spark a rally from down 3-0 by first hitting a walk off home run in Game 4, then following that up with a walk off single in Game 5. That gave the team a huge momentum boost that the carried through the remainder of that series and into the World Series that year.

1.) Hitting home run #500: This season hasn’t been memorable, but David Ortiz hitting #500 is a huge milestone, and one of the main reasons fans kept up with the team, even after the season was essentially over.

Again, it was really hard to narrow this down to just 5 with so many to choose from, but there you have it. David Ortiz’s best moments with the Red Sox. Feel free to disagree or suggest your own. There are plenty Papi moments to choose from.

Clay Buchholz Aiming for 2015 Return

Clay Buchholz just got a second opinion on his elbow that resulted in an injection which will cause him to miss up to 6 more weeks. Buchholz has said his goal is to pitch again in 2015, according to MassLive.com. Clay also said that he wasn’t bothered by the “injury-prone” label that fans and media alike have slapped on him, saying he knows that he “is a good baseball player when I’m out there, so that’s how I look at it,” per MassLive.

Clay might not be bothered by the assumption that he’s injury prone, but fans have seen Clay Buchholzthis movie play out before in 2013. Clay looked on track for a Cy Young award back then, got injured, and never really looked like the same guy for the rest of the 2013 season and into 2014. As far as I can remember, the last couple of months—before his injury this season—were the first time since early 2013 that Clay has looked as sharp as he did then. Before this current injury, Clay Buchholz had a 3.26 ERA and 107 strikeouts to only 23 walks in 113.1 innings, and was Boston’s best starter by a country mile.

Will he come back and continue that? I sure hope so, but that doesn’t mean much. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen this movie before, and so has the rest of Red Sox Nation. The only difference between 2013 and 2015 is that the Red Sox were winning in 2013, so it was easier to let it slide a little back then. Not so much the case this year. If Clay Buchholz comes back and under-performs like he did then, it will be more noticeable because he has easily been Boston’s best pitcher. Besides, if this is indeed the same story as in 2013, then Clay will be stuck with that injury-prone label—if he isn’t already—whether he acknowledges it or not. He can say he’ll ignore it, and it doesn’t bother him, but it will still be there. Some fans will be left wondering whether it would have been a good idea to try and a trade for Clay while his value was still high.

Jake Peavy’s Duck Boat is Making A Splash in Alabama

jake peavy duck boat

From the Charles River to the Alabama River, the $75,000.00 duck boat has made its way via flatbed to Jake Peavy’s 5,000 acre ranch in Southwestern Alabama. Now he has massive plans to showcase the boat and keep it as a fine piece of memorabilia in his family. But first it’s off to Texas for a detailed paint job.

It wasn’t easy finding the right fit for the job but alas success. Although friend and teammate Johnny Gomes, while visiting Peavy at his ranch, took a stab at it and didn’t do so bad, sources say; It just needs to be slightly more professional and that requires a little more than a friend’s input. ‘Red Sox’, ‘Boston Strong’, a silhouette of the World Series trophy and pictures of players and their families are planned to showcase on Peavy’s new addition to the ranch.

So, if you thought, “What the duck was he thinking when he bought the thing,” or “It was definitely an impulsive buy”, think again. Ever since he was transferred to Boston from the Chicago White Sox he knew he wanted a piece of history and he knew he was going to have that boat by season’s end. Not only that but Johnny Gomes and Jon Lester persuaded Peavy to follow through with his plans after the parade.

It was the happiest time in his life, winning the World Series, Peavy notes and he wants to share the moment with his kids, his grandkids, their kids and so on. Besides, he was told by the woman who sold him the boat it was active at Normandy in World War II. Peavy’s dad is a huge history buff therefore it was only right to give him a piece of his passion.

Aside from being memorabilia passed down from one generation to the next, sources say, when Peavy retires from baseball he wants to hold a kid’s summer camp on his ranch. The boat will not only be an item to tour for spectators (and a boat to party on with Gomes and others) but it will also be a big part of the camp. Seeing as it rides in water and on land along with the fact that the ranch is 5,000 acres of placid lakes and serene landscape already fit with a bowling alley, swimming pool and arcade (and he’s planning on building a mini Fenway Park), it’s only right to introduce it to the kids.

How exciting would that be? As a kid or even as an adult, to be able to ride on the boat that once traveled the streets of Boston as the Red Sox rode by a crowd of cheers and chants over their 2013 World Series victory? That’s pretty cool!