Red Sox’ Injuries Plague Team into Bad Stretch

It seems that the Red Sox can not catch a break when it comes to staying healthy. Drew Red Sox' InjuriesPomeranz left his most recent game after experiencing left-forearm tightness, while Marco Hernandez banged up his shoulder just the other day. This is a team that is looking to turn things around after losing consecutive series to Milwaukee and Tampa Bay. If it weren’t for a late Mookie Betts home-run on Thursday, we would have been swept by Travis Shaw’s Brewers. The Red Sox’ injuries have been coming fast and furious so far, and hopefully can come to an end soon.

Are the Red Sox’ Injuries to blame for hitting rough patch?

Pomeranz, Hernandez, Stephen Wright, Pablo Sandoval (surprisingly), Brock Holt, and Hanley Ramirez have all faced injuries this season. Meanwhile, David Price, Roenis Elias, Tyler Thornburg, and Carson Smith have not appeared in a game yet this year. Going into this season, arguably every one of those names were ones that were going to make a huge impact this year. Sure, there is still plenty of time for some of these guys to contribute. Dave Dombrowski is going to have to make a decision soon, though. The inconsistencies in the lineup, bullpen, and back-end of the starting rotation all start with the injuries.

Red Sox’ Injuries or Red Sox’ Slump?

With a lack of depth in the roster due to injuries, several players have hit their own cold spells. Rick Porcello and Jackie Bradley Jr have slumped in their respective roles because they have so much pressure on them to succeed. Last year, Porcello went under the radar for a decent amount of the year before ultimately winning the Cy Young. Bradley was able to alleviate stressful situations last season because there were more guys in the lineup who could get RBI. Are these guys slumping because of the added pressure that injuries bring, or because they simply are struggling? The same question can be asked about Mitch Moreland and Andrew Benintendi, who started the year off hot, but have cooled down tremendously, (as the injuries have rolled in). Only time will tell if the Sox will break their rut, but a little more luck with health wouldn’t hurt either.

Mookie Betts Injury Means He May Now Miss Time

The Red Sox season is basically over at this point, and now the team is hoping that all of their key pieces can stay relatively healthy until season’s end and they can focus on 2016. That job became much harder last night when Mookie Betts barreled into the Red Sox bullpen attempting to rob a home run. He left the game, and ESPN reports that he now shows symptoms of a concussion after some post-game testing last night. This after de facto captain Dustin Pedroia is on his second stint on the DL with an apparent hamstring injury, and ace (for lack of a better term) Clay Buchholz will be out until mid-September at the earliest with a strained flexor muscle.

This could potentially be a big loss for the team, as he is recognized as the 11th most Mookie Betts injuryvaluable trade piece behind guys like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, according to ESPN. John Farrell told ESPN that Mookie Betts has been experiencing light-headedness after the game. Betts will likely be placed on the 7-day concussion disabled list, established a few years ago.

For a team well out of contention, and already suffering key losses, losing one of the best young players in the game is another huge setback, but that’s just how this season has gone for the Red Sox. Nothing is going right on the field, or off the field, en route to a 3rd last place finish in 4 years. If they haven’t already, the Red Sox should start focusing on 2016, and trying to work in as many of their young prospects into the major league roster as they can over the last 2 months. The good news, if any, is that this will open the door for Rusney Castillo and Jackie Bradley Jr., especially on the heels of the Shane Victorino deal.

I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping this concussion is not too serious, and hoping Betts can get back into the lineup as soon as he can.

Pedroia and Ramirez Suffer Injuries In Same Game

The Boston Red Sox just can’t catch a break this season.  The team has not been playing the way that they want all year, and now they have to deal with their two most productive players getting injured in the same game, Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez.

During the team’s 5-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday, Ramirez wasPedroia and Ramirez struck by a ball running from first base to second base that was hit by Xander Bogaerts.  Not only was Ramirez automatically called out because he was hit, but he was forced to leave the game with a bruised left hand.

To make things even worse, only one inning later, while rounding first base Pedroia suffered a hamstring injury.  After being looked at by team doctors, it was determined that Pedroia will have to go on the 15-day disabled list.

For a team in last place in their division, it is hard enough to have to deal with injuries, especially when it’s the two best offensive players in the lineup this year.  Pedroia and Ramirez have been two of the very few positive parts to the Sox season.  They are the two players who have the best chance at making this years All-Star Game, and they have been improving as the year has gone on.

Ramirez is batting .283 with 15 Home Runs and 38 RBI this year, including a batting average of .341 over the past 24 games.  He was one of the big additions to the team this off season, and it seemed that he was finally starting to become the productive player that Sox fans were hoping to see before the season.  The one good thing about his injury is that he did not have to go on the disabled list, so it is possible that we could see him back on the field sooner than later.

Pedroia is another story though.  His injury seems to be more serious, and all Sox fans know that he is the engine of the team.  He has been a consistent fielder and hitter since he’s been in the league, including this season.  He has a .306 batting average this year with 14 doubles and 33 RBI.

As a positive-thinking Red Sox fan, I still think that there is a little hope for the team this year.  But, it will be tough to make any type of serious run at the playoffs if either of these players is out for a long period of time.  Let’s hope that we see these guys back in action soon, and the Sox begin to make some positive strides towards winning baseball.