Why the Boston Red Sox Need to Call Up Christian Vazquez

christian vazquezSo far this season, the Boston Red Sox are not receiving sufficient production from their catching core. Their catchers combined are hitting .247 with a .286 OBP. Starting catcher AJ Pierzynski is doing just fine hitting .282 with a .315 OBP along with four home runs in 47 games. On defense, Pierzynski has caught 29% of attempted base stealers which is slightly above the league average. David Ross on the other hand is really struggling. In 19 games on the season Ross is batting just .167 with a .225 OBP. Defense used to be Ross’ strong point, but now he is struggling. So far this season Ross has gunned down just 19% of would-be base stealers which is far below the league average. Not to mention the .984 fielding percentage Ross owns, which is again not good. With this being said, Boston might want to look elsewhere for a sufficient backup catcher. The man they are looking for is none other than Pawtucket Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez.
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Vazquez, 23, is having a solid year for the Pawtucket Red Sox. In 42 games he is hitting .269 with a .318 OBP along with 12 doubles. As of late, Vazquez’ bat is improving as he has hit .308 in his last ten games. It is worth noting that Vazquez fares much better against righties at the plate than he does lefties. Against lefties Ross is batting just .220 with a .291 OBP compared to his .291 average and .331 OBP against right-handed pitching.

Keep in mind, defense is his strong suit. In 31 games behind the plate for Pawtucket, Vazquez has thrown out 38% of would-be base runners and is boasting a .993 fielding percentage. In Spring Training this year, manager John Farrell said he believed that Christian Vazquez was already Major League ready on defense.

Right now, David Ross is not contributing to the Boston Red Sox. Other than calling a solid game behind the plate and being a veteran leader on the team, Ross provides nothing for the Red Sox. Boston already has enough veteran presence in the clubhouse, and could use wins more than another veteran. Since numbers never lie, to put it into sabermetrics, David Ross’ WAR is -0.3. Keep in mind, if Ross played more that number would be even lower.
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The Boston Red Sox record is 27-31 putting them in fourth place. They need to do whatever it takes to make their team better and if that means calling up Christian Vazquez than so be it. In 2013 when David Ross was out for most of the season, Boston fared just fine with Ryan Lavarnway playing a scarce backup catching duty. Obviously, Boston feels more comfortable with Vazquez behind the plate than Lavarnway though, and Vazquez would likely receive as much playing time as Ross gets now. On defense, Vazquez would make an immediate impact likely fielding just as well as AJ Pierzynski, though offense might be a struggle. To put it this way, Vazquez should be able to outperform David Ross at the plate to say the least.

To recap, the Red Sox are going to use Christian Vazquez sooner or later, so it would be in their best interest to make it sooner rather than later. The sooner Christian Vazquez gets his shot in the big leagues, the better especially with the way David Ross has been playing this season.

Players Come up and Players go Down


Players come up and players go down. I can’t keep track of them all these days.  Last night Pedro Ciriaco returned to the Red Sox in place of Stephen Drew, as did Ryan Lavarnway in place of Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  Jacoby Ellsbury is the only guy who can withstand the majors, so it seems.  He has played in every game since day one and looks as though he is not leaving any time soon although he was supposedly scheduled to take the night off but with Shane Victorino’s back injury it was a lost cause and Ellsbury was back in the lineup.

Ryan Lavarnway is someone to look at this season in hopes that in the future he will take the place of Saltalamacchia who is inconsistent at the plate and with his hitting. It’s time Jarrod take to the bench.  It’s funny. I write about something one day and the next day its stream lined over the internet.  The organization didn’t even want Jarrod to continue his professional career with the Red Sox.  In fact, they were looking at Lavarnway well in advance.  He, at the time, was just too much of a rookie and Jarrod had already signed a 4.5 million dollar contract with the Sox, for the 2013 season.  As for Pedro Ciriaco, he will never replace the youth and talent of Stephen Drew.  Unfortunately, due to a back injury as he slid into second base the other night, there was no other choice but to readmit Pedro into the limelight as the Sox beat the pants off of the Minnesota Twins last night for their fourth straight win.  The Red Sox are back, but do you think it’s wise to keep bringing players up from the Paw Sox? I would like to see a stable team sometime soon. Andrew Bailey, one of the Sox’ key relievers, has been sent down to the Paw Sox for rehab after an injury to the right biceps, but is expected to be showcased in tonight’s game as the Red Sox take on the White Sox in Chicago.

Who is expected to play tonight as the Red Sox take on the White Sox?  Will it be the same line up as last night or will there be yet another change?


Food AND Red Sox? Count me in, sister!


Ryan Lavarnway and his fiancee, Jamie. Photo from www.weei.com

Let’s just get this out in the open: I like food. A lot. I don’t claim to be a foodie or to be extremely talented in the kitchen, but I do like to try. I’ve been experimenting more with healthier food options, but usually end up running into walls since I have the palate of a seven year old.

During some scouring of the internet a while back, I stumbled across a fabulous blog written by no other than the future Mrs. Lavarnway. Cooking in Red Socks (cute title, huh?) is Jamie Neistat’s blog about cooking healthy meal options for her and her catcher fiance.

The blog is great. She has new recipes up every few days with little stories to go with each one, like why she chose that meal and how she came up with the healthier alternative. For example, she hates Chicken Parmesean, but that it’s Ryan’s favorite. She found an alternative that was healthier (not fried!) and just as delicious. Way to go Jamie!

Recently she posted a recipe for a Raspberry Crumb Cake and I wanted to eat my computer. It looked that awesome.

My favorite part of the blog is that she does “Good Eats on the Road” where she mentions a different recipe for each ballpark that she’s been to. The woman is living my dream- traveling to every ballpark and eating awesome food!

So if you’re looking for something a little different than regular baseball talk, or if you just want a new food blog to follow, please check out Cooking in Red Socks!