Closing Out The Road Trip Against The Angels in Anaheim

Last night’s epic win over the Angels was just what the doctor ordered for the Red Sox. The Red Sox, who are closing out the road trip against the Angels, are looking to end August on a high note. They are also looking to enter September strong as well.

Before closing out the road trip at Angels Stadium, the Red Sox have gone 4-1 on the road trip. They took two of the three games in San Diego, and took both games in Colorado. They’re currently at 72-62, and 5.5 games back of the Wild Card. Do they have what it takes to get one of the spots? Who knows, but September is slowly approaching.

A Not So Rockie Sweep

After splitting the two games against the Rockies in May, the Red Sox went to Denver and took both games. Led by a 478 foot home run by Jackie Bradley Jr, the Red Sox won the game, 10-6. Rick Porcello pitched 5 innings, picking up his 12th win of the season. The Rockies starter, Rico Garcia, made his MLB debut on Tuesday night, and was introduced to the Red Sox offense right away. Garcia lasted 5 innings as well, but gave up 6 earned runs.

Game 2 was a sweet win for Boston, as Xander Bogaerts became the first Red Sox shortstop in 21 years to hit 30 home runs, and have 100 RBI’s in a season. The last time it was done, was by Nomar Garciaparra in 1998. Bogaerts hit 2 home runs in the game to lead Boston to the 7-4 win in Denver. J.D. Martinez and Rafael Devers also hit home runs in the game. Eduardo Rodriguez improved to 16-5 on the season, going 5 innings, allowing 3 runs and striking out 5.

Closing Out The Road Trip in Anaheim

After an off day, the Red Sox had Nathan Eovaldi going up against Jose Suarez. The game started off with a bang, thanks to Mookie Betts’ 22nd home run of the season. Despite a 6-4 lead, the Angels tied it in the bottom of the 9th inning due to a two-run single by Albert Pujols. It wasn’t until the top of the 15th inning when Mookie Betts launched home run number 23 to left field that pushed Boston to a 7-6 win.

Game two will feature Dillon Peters for the Angels, and the Red Sox have yet to name a starter. Peters, who is in his third Major League season, is looking for his fourth win in an Angels uniform. The Red Sox might send out Brian Johnson for the game. Johnson, who has been a spot starter for Boston this season, last started on Sunday against the Padres.

Sunday’s game will have David Price against Andrew Heaney. This will be Price’s first start since coming off of the injury list. Price will be looking to improve to 8-5 on the season. He last pitched on August 4th against the Yankees, where he only went 2.2 innings, allowing seven runs off of nine hits. Heaney will be looking to get his fourth win of the season in the game against the Red Sox.

Going Into The Final Month

The Red Sox will be closing out the road trip this weekend in Anaheim. From there, the team will be coming back to Fenway Park to face the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees. This series, and this home stand, is important to the Red Sox if they want to see the postseason. Both the Twins and Yankees are on a tear with no signs of slowing down.

From now until the last game at the end of September is important. If the Red Sox want to defend their title, they need to keep winning games, and stay healthy. They already lost Chris Sale for the rest of the season due to an elbow injury. Also, starting September 1st, rosters expand, so we will start seeing minor leaguers coming up to the big league club to contribute. It will be an interesting month, that’s for sure.

History In the Making – The Boston Red Sox, 2013

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox, this month are unstoppable. With the 20-4 massacre at Fenway against the Tigers and the extra inning 12-8 defeat at Yankees Stadium you could say, they got game. Things have been happening. Things are happening. In light of the 2011-2012 seasons the Red Sox are back and they are not letting up.  They are on a mission to make history whenever and wherever possible. Could it be the most eventful comeback in baseball history? What would the world (and all those season’s ticket holders of previous years who gave up their tickets, devastated by the 2012 loss) think if that were the case? Now, that would be devastation. Not only, but so much has happened leading up to this month.  The beloved David Ortiz recently achieved his 2,000th career hit the night the Red Sox pummeled the Tigers in a record-breaking 20 run game.  Daniel Nava, in his stellar performances at bat has proven he’s no rookie this season and has appeared on base 39 consecutive times (this hasn’t been done since 1977), and Clay Buchholtz and his wife just had a baby girl. Okay so it’s not necessarily history but congratulations Clay!

This is a lot different than the 2011-2012 seasons, “making history” for the Boston Red Sox. Instead of being the worst in history, our team is making the best in history. This is the kind of history we love to hear about and praise as diehard Sox fans. Who knew this year was going to be such a success when it came to the Boston Red Sox? Although I had faith and still have faith in my team there are those amongst the crowd of Bostonians who believe, to this day, (September or not) the Sox still have room to fail and not make it.  That’s blasphemy in my opinion.  They’re too strong of a team to all of a sudden pummel and lose their footing last minute.  The tables have turned and teams are now being threatened by the Red Sox’ ability to perform under any circumstance and September has proved just how strong they are.

Looking back on the season, there are a lot of great memories and moments that have kept the team alive; first and foremost, the hiring of manager John Farrell. (He deserves a round of applause). What about the Boston Marathon bombings and David Ortiz’ speech their first game back? Then there was Lackey’s biceps strain and Middlebrooks’ demotion.  Did we forget about the most talked up rookie in baseball, Jackey Bradley Jr.? Who can forget about Ortiz’ outrage and Dempster’s suspension? When all is said and done, the Boston Red Sox have pulled through and that, my friends, is what makes this team so cohesive and able to go the distance.

We (the Boston Red Sox) truly are the champions.

Red Sox and September…Time to Worry?

red sox and september

Is Papi worried, too?

I’m worried about two things: the Red Sox and September. There I said it. I looked over at the schedule that I have posted in my office and saw the teams the Red Sox are playing. The teams include Detroit, Tampa Bay, New York and Baltimore. They have their work cut out for them.

The wild card is still possible even with the Yankees surging. They have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. The Rays are the real concern, though. In looking at their schedule it doesn’t appear as demanding as Boston’s schedule. They play the Los Angeles Angels, Seattle, Minnesota, Boston, New York, and Toronto with one Monday off.  Many games, true, but there are not many challenging teams. Boston, New York, and Toronto are the only threats I see.

Is it time to start panicking, or should we wait another week, like say, after we play Baltimore?  We are Bostonians. We will begin to freak out at some point. It is just a matter of when. The piece of information that provides me with some hope is the off days. The players will need these Mondays to rest. The Rays do not have that on their side.

What do you think will happen in September?