Take Me Out to the Ballgame


Finally, I was able to attend a ballgame this past Wednesday night with a good friend of mine.  It was a perfect night, with perfect seats and, well, a not so perfect game.  However, I was thrilled to be there; the smells, the sights, the sounds, the fans and of course the team, the Boston Red Sox.  It was a good game to attend.  After all, Allen Webster would be brought up from the Paw Sox relieving Felix Doubront for the night, supposedly.  Johnny Gomes would hit a grand slam and Andrew Miller would strike out three players in his one and only inning.  Sounds great right? Not so much.  The Sox were hammered by the Twins, 15-8.  Allen Webster was only allowed an inning and two thirds until Farrell replaced him with Felix, and David Ortiz would end a 27 game hitting streak, striking out twice and hitting a grounder only to get an out at first.

But the 15-8 loss didn’t dissipate my spirits.  I was at the game and I was going to enjoy every bit of it no matter the situation. After all, I was at the game! It’s been such a long time and it was so incredibly invigorating. Walking down Yawkey Way into Gate D and into the stadium itself with all the fans in their blue, red and white getup was uplifting.  I remember telling my friend I felt like a kid in the candy store as we journeyed from the concession stands inside to the stadium outside.  The field looked so alive; the players so real. So what’s it worth? Okay, the Sox are on a major losing streak which is slightly annoying after all the hard work they put out in April, but so be it. It is what it is. Maybe they’ll come around and this truly is just a losing streak, but maybe they won’t. And if they don’t, well, it’s the coming together for a common cause – to watch the ballgame whether or not the team wins or loses that should be the reason to come to a game. It’s a night to remember.  A night to sit back and become accustomed to the smells of the fresh cut grass, and the sausages and onions, the fried dough and the sounds of the cheers and the boos that go along with each play.  Okay, so I didn’t have the famous ballpark frank (I am a vegan) but I did get myself to enjoy a couple of ice cold Buds.  I don’t even enjoy Budweiser normally, but I enjoy a good Bud at the game.

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