A Moment of Gratitude and a Congratulations for the Yawkey Way Report

Just outside the gates of Fenway Park

Back row l to r Zach, Sly, Charlie, Aidrian, Eugene; front Jenny, Brendon


It’s been a long hall since February and I cannot believe the season is almost over, but I have to face it, the season is coming to an end and I have a lot to be grateful for.  I never thought I would be even a so-called member of the “Pink Hat” fan club. I have to say that’s an honor! Thanks Tim for dropping the label. I never thought I would make it, but because of all the wonderful support and appreciation for my writing talent by my fellow co-workers (Kara), and the elite, (Sly, Leigh, Maura and Tim) the show went on and I persevered (even if it was by the skin of my teeth).

It was a rollercoaster of a series of unexpected events for not only the Red Sox, but for myself. There were moments of glory like when I interviewed Chef Ron Abell and took an exclusive tour of Fenway park and its entirety; and when I arrived at her decked-out pad in Wellesley, MA, and interviewed the most loyal fan in baseball, Lynne Smith. Lynne surely put me in my place as I had believed for so long I was a true Red Sox fan.

Although most moments were those of being enlightened by the intelligence of dedicated Red Sox fans (some Yankees) other moments were not as promising or worthy for the Yawkey Way Report blog and/or publication, but that’s okay because those failures lead me to heartfelt and emotional passages about the beloved Boston Red Sox. I believe the most honored moments I can remember seemed unfathomable at the time, like the many home games I hung out with the report’s sales staff. I grew such an appreciation for them and their talents for I could never sell and keep up with the demand as they had fantastically done at each and every day/night, in Boston.  You guys are awesome!

I slipped at times and fell hard, but because of the respect and dignity and dedication for the publication (Tim and Maura and Sly), the blog (Kara and Leigh), the sales and marketing (the entire sales staff), and for all of the employees (all the writers, Leigh, Tim, Sly and Maura) I was able to push myself through and get what I needed done for the most part.  This is by far the greatest accomplishment and experience I have done thus far in my life.  Thank you everyone! Thank you to all the readers and fans who supported the Yawkey Way Report and thank you Red Sox for being #1!

Not only did the Red Sox make it to the World Series with all of their hard work and perseverance but so too did the Yawkey Way Report. Congratulations for such a successful season!

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