The Beast That Lives Inside David Ortiz

David Ortiz

Papi had an appetite for destruction Saturday night.
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The umpires have been driving John Farrell crazy all season. Last night was no exception. Only this time they awoke the beast that lives inside David Ortiz. Thankfully no humans or animals were injured during this game. A phone, more specifically a dugout phone cover, seemed to take the brunt of the abuse. Meanwhile, Dustin Pedroia, the team’s unofficial captain, tried to calm him down as he lurched around screaming what could only be assumed to be obscenities at the umpire and the field.

It all began with a high pitch that Ortiz felt was high and outside the strike zone, but the umpire felt it was s strike. Incensed Ortiz struck out, argued with the umpire and was tossed from the game. It had already been a strange game with umpires forced to review a home run by Stephen Drew. I mean, yes, a home run by Drew is strange in and of itself, but get this, it was his second of the night.  In other news, Ryan Dempster pitched well.  Whoa. Just Whoa.

Red Sox nation knew something was up when after two straight games of zero offense the team was actually hitting, but we never expected the weirdness that would be the game we witnessed last night.

Maybe the spirit of one Edgar Alan Poe was alive and well in his hometown of Baltimore. Or maybe Camden Yards is haunted. Either way it worked out well for us. Now we just need the spirits of Baltimore to work their magic on the Tampa Bay Rays.

David Ortiz

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The sweet side to the whole story occurred this morning. Pictures of Dempster and Jonny Gomes surfaced playing handymen. They fixed the broken phone cover wearing shorts and T-shirts.

Hey guys, do you do windows? I have a few that need cleaning.

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