John Lackey Seems to be Okay but Farrell is being Cautious

John Lackey

John Lackey appears to have avoided a serious injury. (AP)

It’s Wednesday, April 10, two days after the Sox won their opening game at Fenway against the Orioles, and John Lackey does not have a tear in his right biceps.  It’s a good day for all.  The sun is shining and “We Will Rock You” is playing on the radio, in the background, at my infamous coffee shop in downtown Gloucester, MA; my recently claimed office. A perfect song for the way things are going for the Sox this season.

Despite Lackey not having a strain in his biceps, John Farrell is being very cautious to take things with ease.  After all, he just came out of rehab from a major elbow surgery, and although post recovery is known to cause pain and discomfort, both Farrell and Lackey remain in waiting.  Case in point, what we saw Saturday the moment Lackey fell backward in great pain was not the typical ‘discomfort’ felt in post surgery conditions. Ever more of a reason to lay low.  Lackey felt great throughout spring training, and had shown positive results, but the day of the game against the Blue Jays, it has been noted, he had not thrown at that intensity since before the surgery, which gives Farrell reason to lay off the all-star. 1365444015579_248_21xueQmqlubf1_0_0 In spite of everything that has occurred over the last couple of days,  Lackey does have a couple of days to recover before he is scheduled to play in Sunday’s game.  Clay Bucholz pitched a great game Monday, and Ryan Dempster and Felix Doubront are scheduled to complete the series against the Orioles Wednesday and Thursday.  That gives Lackey time to recover.  Although that may be, Farrell remains skeptical so as not to cause further injury.

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