The Red Sox’ Bullpen Needs A Change to Remain On Top

Red Sox Bullpen

They may be number one in the AL East right now, but the Red Sox have a lot to improve if they want to stay on top.  Their offense is immaculate, but that’s beside the point.  It’s their pitching that is far from perfect.  With Andrew Bailey as a closer this season and Joel Hanrahan out with an injury, the Red Sox bullpen is not looking so strong.  Should they pull up Junichi Tazawa and Uehara from the middle and make them closers?  But what would happen to the middle?  No matter, manager John Farrell must take a closer look at his players and begin to consider making a trade soon, before things worsen.  After all, baseball season is far from over and if the Red Sox want to remain on top they must look at their weakest link which is their bullpen.

Starters are also not looking so promising.  John Lester, for example, has gone 1-4 with a 7.30 ERA and Clay Bucholz is on the disabled list for bursitis in his elbow.  Ryan Dempster, John Lackey and Alfredo Aceves have made some promising starts, but being on the back end of the rotation and seemingly unpredictable most of the time (especially Aceves), it’s not going to cut it for the Red Sox if they want to remain on top as July and August approach.

They are only half way through the season, with September 29, against the Baltimore Orioles, being their closing game. If they don’t make a trade soon, or a move in the case of Koji Uehara, it will be a far cry from the World Series.

Although Uehara would be taken from the middle to closer, he is a strong athlete with consistency on the mound.  The 38 year old has thus far struck out six batters in three innings over the course of his last three games, but again, the Sox still need to look for another closer so as not to tire out Uehara.  One thing for sure, we, as fans, do not want to see another Sock placed on the DL.


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