Lackey Pitching in Clutch Time


John Lackey for the Cy Young?

Seriously though, the dude is hurling.  I guess it helps a pitcher to not eat KFC chicken and drink beer during games, who knew? You could tell Lackey was back to his old self before the DL stint.  The strikeouts were there; he was locating pitches, and keeping the squad in games.  Now he’s back and still dealing.  He’s starting to pitch like he should have when he first signed.  Clearly it’s impossible for Lackey to completely atone for his first few disappointing seasons.  I mean the guy was an ace in LA then he comes here and lays an egg. Expectations were sky high.  Now there more like ground level high, but so far he is exceeding them.

With Dempster faltering, Lackey couldn’t have picked a better time to start pitching well.

If Lackey can stay consistent this gives the Sox four formidable starters.  Dempster has his moments, but he’s inconsistent.  With a dependable Lackey the Sox have a scary, good rotation.  If he is pitching like this come playoff time, watch out.  I would not want to face those three guys in a five game series.

P.S. Surprise, surprise another guy performing again after Beckett gets shipped to LA. What a rat.

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