Three Hits Match Career Best for Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr.

What an astonishing performance by Jackie Bradley Jr. last night at Fenway Park against the Texas Rangers. It seems as though he’s come out on top and it’s all because of a little bit of confidence (or maybe a lot) that makes him the hero of the night as the Red Sox beat the Rangers 5-1.

Shane Victorino was placed on the DL and Jackie Bradley was his replacement for last night’s game. It just so happened to work out beyond expectation. With three stellar hits and two outstanding catches in right field, JBJ proved to fans and the team that he was worthwhile. As he plugged away at the plate his confidence grew, transpiring into immaculate efforts at right field. He drew in two runs throughout the game with a total of three hits and miraculously caught two hard to come by balls in right field. All in all, for John Farrell and the rest of the team, it was a good night.

Bradley’s second hit drew in A.J Pierzynski to bring the Sox up 2-1. At the bottom of the eighth he, once again, drew in Pierzynski with a bunt ground ball to first base. The plays he made defensively equaled his performance at the plate. The first line drive to center field was, at first, awry because the light caused a blind spot for an instant, but that did not deter Bradley from sliding into the ball, making the catch and getting the out. His second catch chased him down the field, to the corner where he backhandedly propped the ball into his glove, once again, making the out.

His maturity and love of the game showed in his performance last night.  Upon speaking to various news reporters he told them that it’s all a process. He needs to think about what’s at stake for the team in the moment when he’s on the field, versus how one mishap could send him back to Pawtucket. Success breeds success and he showed that in his performance. You grow confidence in each play you make. His at bats bred his work in the field and vice versa.

Being 3 for 4 at the plate allowed Bradley’s batting average to skyrocket from .250 to .375. He truly did make a difference in not only the team’s efforts to win the game, but in his personal best. It was by far the best game of Jackie Bradley Jr.’s career. Let’s see what he has to offer tonight as the Red Sox take on the Rangers for their second game of the series at Fenway Park.

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